First Post

Hello Everyone!

This blog is being started to help all those interested in discovering the rich diversity and deliciousness of local Wichita restaurants. It is our humble opinion that there are too many chain restaurants that serve the same old food in our fine city. It seems that these places are always packed with people on the weekends, while great local places go unnoticed by the general public. Chain restaurants do have their place, but we hope that through our blog we can encourage others to take a leap of faith and go to that local joint they pass everyday on their way to work.  Chances are they will not be disappointed. 

Based on a Wichita Eagle article from several months ago we have a list of small local restaurants that we are determined to eat our way through. Our goal is to try to make it to a new restaurant every couple of weeks. Once this list is completed we will search out additional places to sample. Suggestions are always welcome!


2 thoughts on “First Post

  1. Wichita has some incredible local sandwiches. I miss Barn’rds, Cinnamon’s Deli and Picadilly every time I have to settle for a Which Wich.

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