Bossa Grill-CLOSED


Today we tried the newly opened Bossa Grill located on north Rock near Northrock Lanes. It is supposed to be Brazilian inspired and quick but not fast food. The concept  is very similar to the asian chain, Pei Wei . As you walk in there is a large, comprehensive, and affordable menu that greets you. Chicken, beef, and seafood dishes are all available, unfortunately there is no pork offered save for bacon. All entrees come with two side dishes, with many possible combinations. I decided to go with the Bossa Nova Chicken. The best way to describe this is an egg roll with chicken, lots of cheese, and herbs inside it. The meal was very filling and heavy-I could only eat half of the chicken. It was good, but I would be interested in trying something different next time. I ordered white rice and Rio salad. The salad has pineapple and a mustard vinaigrette. The white rice was nice because it had some flavor to it. The salad was delicious. Phil ordered the Lemme chicken with the parizzi potatoes and the Rio salad as well. Phil though his dish was good, but nothing remarkable. The parizzi potatoes were a good twist on papas fritas, with a white sauce and bacon on top. The chicken breast was served in a savory white sauce as well. The Rio salad was tasty and refreshing, although I would have liked to see a bit more in the salad besides pineapple chunks and iceberg lettuce.

For us, the food was good but I wouldn’t say that I am dying to go back. I like the concept of having a nice, cheap, sitdown meal, and will probably go back to sample some of the other offerings. It is nice to have something different in that area other than fast food and Hooters though.


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