Rostizeria Los Reyes

I, Phil, am doing a solo review here since Steph has gone back to work. My mom and I went to check out Rostizeria Los Reyes located on 21st just west of Waco. So yes we are talking about the “authentic” part of town. Rostizeria is a smaller establishment that advertises its buffet on the exterior signage. But … More Rostizeria Los Reyes

Taste of Wichita

It is no secret that we love food. We would think that is obvious since we have a blog all about it. Every now and then we are given the chance to eat food to help support charity. One of my favorites is when Dairy Queen has their blizzard day to support the Children’s Miracle … More Taste of Wichita

Manna Wok

Today Phil and I went to Manna Wok for lunch. It is located just to the east of Harry and Oliver, the actual intersection is Harry and Elpyco. This works out great for me since my school is just down the street. If you like eating in a restaurant that would be dwarfed by a single wide … More Manna Wok

Mike’s Wine Dive

To celebrate/commiserate the beginning of a new school year, I went to lunch yesterday with several of my fellow teachers. Someone in the group suggested Mike’s Wine Dive  (probably because his brother is in charge of the marketing). I agreed since it was a new place for me and just hoped Phil wouldn’t be too enraged … More Mike’s Wine Dive

Double Header

Anchor Bar and La Bamba Alright then now that we are off and running I am starting to get the hang of the blog thing.  I have come to the grim conclusion that these blog entries have been pretty dry so far.  I am going to attempt to insert some of my witty humor where … More Double Header