Mike’s Wine Dive

To celebrate/commiserate the beginning of a new school year, I went to lunch yesterday with several of my fellow teachers. Someone in the group suggested Mike’s Wine Dive  (probably because his brother is in charge of the marketing). I agreed since it was a new place for me and just hoped Phil wouldn’t be too enraged that I tried a new place without him.

Mike’s Wine Dive is located at Douglas and Oliver. The inside of the restaurant is about as opposite of a dive as you can get unless you want to go to a high-end steak place. One coworker put it nicely when he said, “I don’t know about this place. There is a chandelier.” Mike’s of course strongly advertises its extensive wine list as a selling point. Unfortunately, I was on the clock so we didn’t even look at the menu. We all decided to go with a sandwich since we had less than an hour before we were to be back in our seats at school. Also, the sandwiches were on the more affordable end of the lunch menu compared to the entrees. I decided to go with the roasted turkey sandwich with cranberry apricot relish. It was served on ciabatta bread with swiss cheese, arugula, and scallions. I thought perfect, there are no tomatoes for me to have to pick off of this sandwich, plus the relish and arugula sounded quite tasty. For my side I chose the sweet potato fries. The sandwich came out nice and warm and the cheese was melted throughout. There was a good serving of turkey, however not enough of the relish which was a disappointment since that was half the reason I picked it. It was  a good sandwich, but a $9 sandwich? No. The sweet potato fries were like shoe string fries. They had some seasonings on them as well too much oil, which made them a tad soggy. Soggy and fries are two words which should never go next to each other. To sum it up, all I could think of was how much better I like Cafe Moderne’s sandwiches and how the Anchor’s sweet potato fries knock these out of the park.

In the end, we came to the conclusion that it isn’t a bad place to eat especially if you are in the area. We just aren’t sure we will return for lunch. We ended up having to pay while we were still eating to get back on time. (FYI, my school is just down the road about 2 miles.) I would be curious to go back and try some of their entrees. I hear the boar ragu and the lobster, shrimp, and crab mac n cheese are great. Also, then I can at least let myself look at the wine menu.


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