Taste of Wichita

It is no secret that we love food. We would think that is obvious since we have a blog all about it. Every now and then we are given the chance to eat food to help support charity. One of my favorites is when Dairy Queen has their blizzard day to support the Children’s Miracle Network. When these opportunities arise, we tend to jump at the chance since we can now justify having some terribly high calorie, bad-for-you-yet-oh-so-tasty food. Today’s event: Taste of Wichita. Taste of Wichita was in support of the Lord’s Diner and the Kansas Food Bank’s Backpacks for Kids program. For those of you unaware of the backpacks-they are bags of food given to low income children on Fridays at school so the children can have food for the weekend. So away into the blistering heat we went.

We had an unlimited amount of food we could eat and 5 tickets for alcohol. The restaurants we sampled were: NuWay, Stroud’s, Hanger One Steakhouse, Carraba’s, Dolci and Joe’s, Monica’s Bundt Cake, the Linkhaus, Freddy’s Frozen Custard, and some other places. It was a fun event and we had plenty to eat but it was just so hot out. Someone also needs to tell Freddy’s about the invention of dry ice. They were having issues making ice cream cones with melted custard. We also spotted a couple of women who had obviously mistaken the event for a renaissance festival and came wearing their finest corset tops.

What was great about the event was that we discovered some new places to add to our list and were reminded of some oldies but goodies that we had forgotten about. We have decided to add Dolci and Joes and Linkhaus to our list. And NuWay made us remember why we love it and then laugh that we never go there even though we live half a mile down the road. They were serving some of their burgers and root beer! I could have just stayed at that booth.

We were a bit disappointed that several restaurants said they were going to be there and either weren’t or were only VIP. Sorry but $50 per person is a bit steep to get in the air conditioning. We understand it was for charity but we really wanted some Cocoa Dulce!

One thing we did learn is that we will not be in a  hurry to eat at Hanger One Steakhouse on west Kellogg. If the “steak” they were serving at the event was in any way representative of what they typically serve I question why in the world they are still in business. They claim that they dry age their beef, but this junk tasted like they were serving the manager’s special select grade flank steaks at Dillons. YUMMY. Ok now that is out of my system, let me take this time to talk to you about Linkhaus. I have heard mixed reviews of this place and we will get over there some day to pass judgement, but what I sampled today was great. They had a Chicago style dog that was very tasty, but the wiener winner was the Kimchi dog. Yeah, not gonna lie,  it was strangely delicious. Kimchi is a fermented mixture of veggies that is sweet and spicy and plain magical when you add a hot dog.

One other note is that we had some delicious beers from Tallgrass Brewing, located in the Little Apple(Manhattan,KS). If you have never tried this beer or any other regional brew, shame on you! You can’t go through life buying Bud Light every weekend, mercy.

We hope that the Taste of Wichita returns next year, but it will need an organizational overhaul and perhaps adding a few more vendors wouldn’t hurt either.

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