Rostizeria Los Reyes

I, Phil, am doing a solo review here since Steph has gone back to work. My mom and I went to check out Rostizeria Los Reyes located on 21st just west of Waco. So yes we are talking about the “authentic” part of town. Rostizeria is a smaller establishment that advertises its buffet on the exterior signage. But we were not here for the buffet, which in my opinion did not look all that great. We were here to check out the homemade tortillas and the Mole con Pollo or Mole with Chicken.

The interior is extravagantly decorated in a Hispanic theme with bright and vibrant wooden sculptures adorning the dining booths. To top off the ambiance they were playing an old American movie from the 30s in Spanish. After a passing glance on the screen both my mother and I mistook it for Gone with the Wind, but upon further investigation that was not the case.  “Francamente querida, me importa un bledo”.

Anyway, on to why the five people who will read this are actually reading it. THE FOOD. We went at the end of the lunch rush and were promptly seated and given some great homemade salsa and chips(also homemade). The salsa was probably one of  the thinnest salsas I have ever had, even thinner than Felipes. It never ceases to amaze me how many different ways people prepare salsa. This variation did have plenty of the most important ingredient in salsa. I am talking about cilantro of course. The menu is large, but luckily filled with nice color photos to assist you in your attempt to order something delicious. Their menu is probably the most authentic that I have seen in Wichita. There were quite a few dishes that had me scratching my head. The Mole con Pollo came highly recommended, so we both ordered that and were not disappointed. The chicken had been slow roasted with love because the meat fell right off the bone and into the delicious mole sauce. Mole sauce is a difficult one to describe. It is typically made with bittersweet chocolate, so you have some sweet taste working in there, but it is not overpowering. With our dishes, they also brought out a dozen warm tortillas to be used in creating a magical chicken mole wrap. The meals were reasonably priced for the amount of food we received. I belive that the mole was $8 dollars.

So in summation if you are looking for some Jose Peppersesque  Tex Mex queso  blanco nacho nonsense don’t come to this place. If you want to eat some real Mexican food go and check it out. I will definitely come back to explore more of their menu, but before doing so I will brush up on my spanish so as to have some clue as to what I am ordering. 

Stay Hungry my Friends

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One thought on “Rostizeria Los Reyes

  1. Felipe,
    Me gusta la comida y su compania, tambien.
    Me aquerdo con sus piensamentos de el cafe y lista para el proximo destinacion.
    Su Madre

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