Kwan Court-Closed

This week we hit one of our favorite restaurants in Wichita, Kwan Court. If you have lived in Wichita for any length of time you have probably been to Kwan Court or at least heard of it. If not, you should probably get out more often instead of reading food blogs all day.

Kwan Court is an Asian themed restaurant with a wide range of menu offerings ranging from traditional Chinese options to seafood, and sushi. Steph and I both agree that they have some of the best sushi in Wichita. We understand that many people are hesitant to try sushi because they automatically assume it is raw fish. Steph actually doesn’t eat any rolls with raw fish, so don’t be afraid to try our suggestions. We have also introduced several of my family members to sushi at Kwan Court and they have enjoyed it.

This past Saturday we branched out a bit when we ordered our sushi-we stick to the maki menu. Just a FYI: when you order sushi at Kwan Court you also get a small bowl of miso soup and cucumber salad. The miso soup contains seaweed and tofu. It comes in a little bowl and you drink straight from it. Neither of us are big cucumber fans, but this is the only time Steph will eat them. They are cut into small pieces and mixed with seaweed and crab. I am not a big fan of it, mainly because I don’t like cucumbers. For sushi we ordered our favorite roll: the shrimp tempura roll. It is small pieces of tempura shrimp wrapped with the traditional algae and rice. We believe there are some other ingredients in there as well but cannot currently remember them. The other rolls we tried for the first time were the spider roll and the BBQ scallop. The spider roll is basically some crab meat and cream cheese rolled up in rice. The idea of the roll is simple, and yet the flavor was great. We aren’t quite sure why the scallop has BBQ in the name because we couldn’t taste any, but we still ate them all. Other rolls we have tried in the past include: the California roll (shout out to Steph’s sister Rachel who holds the family record for the most California rolls ever eaten), the Kwan Court roll (also called the Kansas roll, the meat in this roll is cooked steak), the shrimp roll, and the Philadelphia roll. Stephanie does not suggest the Philadelphia roll though because it is uncooked salmon with cream cheese.

We also like to order a dinner entrée when we eat there. Twelve pieces of sushi isn’t quite enough for a person’s dinner. This particular night we ordered the usual, Honey Crispy Walnut Shrimp. Yes I said Honey Crispy Walnut Shrimp. It is probably one of my most favorite dishes ever.  The menu describes this dish as “a creative ensemble of crunchy walnuts and fresh plump shrimp topped with a rich velvet smooth sauce that carries you where you want to be.” We can tell you that the sauce they use in this dish is amazing and it does carry you were you want to be. OH JOY!  Phil has been known to lick the plate. We tend to order this dish just about every time we come in because we love it so much. In fact when we see it on other restaurants’ menus we don’t order it because we know we will be disappointed because it won’t be as good.

We have visited Kwan Court several times and have never been disappointed. Try it out if you haven’t and if you have never tried sushi try one of our suggestions and you will enjoy it. And if you don’t like your food they have a large aquarium and lobster tank that you can entertain yourself with. By the way, they have a great Sunday buffet that is also exceptional, plus they have a nice old lady who plays the piano.


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