M.I.F. Deli

I start this entry with a question: Is there a certain dining establishment that you have driven by for years without ever trying it out? Well for me, one of those places is the MIF Deli located at Central and Edgemoor. MIF has been in the same strip mall next to Mickey Ds for as long as I can remember. My mom and I finally took the plunge and went in for lunch. MIF specializes in one of Wichita’s most abundant cuisines, Mediterranean. If you haven’t been to at least one of these places before then you should seriously sit down and re-think your priorities in life.

MIF has a small dining area that gives off a very relaxing vibe. The menu offers the typical dishes that you will find at most Lebanese/Mediterranean places such as hummus, fattoush salad, and chicken shawarma. They also have a nice selection of sandwiches and their specialty, savory pies. I took a cue from the every popular Wichita Eagle Dining Chat and ordered the potato pie with a fattoush salad. The generous slice of pie came out nice and warm. I thought that it was just as good, if not better than the potato pie available at La Galette (yeah we will eventually review this one, so keep your pants on). The fattoush salad had a sweeter taste than others I have had around town, but it was still good. My mom, ever so adventurous, went with a turkey sandwich. It was actually very good, because it was served on an Asiago bread bun. There are few things better in this world than cheese baked into bread my friends. The Asiago cheese really jazzed up the old turkey sandwich. Now I’m sure that Panera probably serves some Asiago bread sandwich, but c’mon people just go to MIF.

All in all MIF serves up some good Lebanese as well as good ol sandwiches. Drop by and get yourself some potato pie!

EDIT: We did try a order of hummus and soft pita. The hummus was good, but not as good a Bella Luna.

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3 thoughts on “M.I.F. Deli

    1. I have to say the Hummos at M. I. F Deli is way better then Bella Luna. Its made by a true Lebanese not some hired help taught how to do it which won’t be consistent. I’ve ate at M.I.F for years and their food is consistent.

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