Annual St. George Lebanese Dinner(Grape Leaves of Wrathful Delight)

It appears that after my now infamous (or famous depending on your point of view) rebuttal to the “Reader’s Choice” awards last week this blog has been getting a lot of love from people. Thanks so much for all the evangelizing! I do fear that perhaps this blog has hit the high water mark though. Can we continue to amuse our readers week in and week out or will we burn out like so many food blogs before us? We will push on doing what we have been doing and I hope you will continue to laugh or at least keep telling us that you are laughing.

This weekend St. George Orthodox Church had their famous Lebanese dinner fundraiser. This is one of my all time favorite Wichita traditions that dates back to my childhood. When you arrive at the church there are two options available for you, either dine in or drive through. Both options will get you great food with speedy service, although if you dine in they throw in a free tour of the church. This dinner is an easy sell for me,  where else can you get drive thru kibbe and baklava?

 It is too bad that the Roman Catholics parishes in town don’t have anything similar to this. If you took some of the major food cultures that are predominantly Catholic you could come up with a great dinner. Tacos (from Taco Bell of course), beer, lasagna, wine, lamb stew, whiskey, and more beer. I think I’m on to something.

Your meal comes with a small salad with a tangy dressing that is similar to a fattoush, kibbe, ruz and yaknee, stuffed grape leaves, and baklava. Kibbe is a mixture of ground beef or lamb, spices, and some type of grain that has been molded into a square of tasty goodness. Ruz and Yaknee contains green beans, tomato sauce,  and sirloin beef on a bed rice. The stuffed grape leaves have a ground beef and rice mixture. To top the meal off two pieces of baklava are there for your enjoyment.  The most impressive part about this meal extravaganza is that all the food is made by parisoners of the church. Many of them actually grow the grape leaves in their backyards and spend months preparing for the onslaught of diners.  Now that you are all craving some Lebanese food I must refer you to the first word in the title this entry: “Annual”. So sorry you will have to wait until next year to try this place out, but there are a few places in town that serve some of this food. A few places that come to mind are N and J’s, MIF, and Byblos, all of these places should serve most of the above mentioned food. And at some point in the not too distant future we will do reviews of N and J and Byblos.


4 thoughts on “Annual St. George Lebanese Dinner(Grape Leaves of Wrathful Delight)

  1. I must comment on your comment about the lack of Catholic Dinners about town. If you would ever pick up the Catholic Advance you would find that St. Margaret Mary has an annual Mexican dinner in early April with good tacos and awesome enchiladas; St. Joseph Parish has an annual Roast Beef dinner; forgettable food, but annual nonetheless; St. Cecilia Haysville has an annual Fish Fry during Lent (of course!- fish and Catholics). Cathedral does a Corn Beef and Cabbage around March 17. In fact, you could actually have a fairly regular blog on these dinners. Readers- other “church lady meals” “chainfree” could review?

  2. MMMMmm….I believe there are some “octoberfest” meals at some of the ‘country’ parishes too. We must check that out. And, the annual Mexican feast in Wellington I hear from our farm relatives is killer!

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