One Tasty and Busy Weekend(La Posada, Nu Way, and Cinnamon’s Deli)

Phil and I were able to enjoy three different restaurants this past weekend. Only one of them was new, but we are blogging about all three. Friday night I had my school carnival, so to say I was in a crappy mood would be a slight understatement. Twelve hours with children can do that to anyone though. Onto the food. Phil decided to cheer me up by taking me out for some Mexican food since it is one of my favorites. We went to La Posada, located in a strip mall south of  Kellogg and Oliver.  This was our first time to visit the establishment and were greeted by two young girls watching the Disney Channel. One of which was still in her school uniform at 9pm on a Friday. I really felt for this poor girl, back in the day I couldn’t wait the get those school uniforms off after school. The place was devoid of humanity except for the family that owns/runs the operation. This was a very good sign in my opinion. Chances are if you see a family working at the restaurant, the food is going to be top notch. The place is brightly decorated and has plenty of room, but I think they get more of a lunch crowd than dinner. Two more tables did show up while we were eating though. We were quickly served chips and two varieties of salsa. Besides your typical red they also served a salsa verde. My advice would be to hold off on the salsa verde till you have a beverage in front of you, it has a bit of a kick.

I ordered the combination plate which contained a cheese enchilada, tamale, and chicken flauta with beans and rice. Let me get the bad news out of the way. The chicken flauta was atrocious. There was absolutely no flavor to it. I had to dip the flauta in the salsa verde to get some flavor. If I am having to use spicy salsa to get some flavor, something is very wrong. The tamale was pretty bland too but not nearly as bad. Nothing that made me want to come back. Now you are probably wondering what the good news is, well my friends I think Felipe’s may have some serious competition in the enchilada race. So serious Felipe’s may be moving down to second. That enchilada was mouth watering and perfect. The sauce in it was spectacular and we decided that it must have been bathed in a bath of  butter. They must have gotten the recipe from Paula Dean. Think buttered toast taste. The enchilada was so good I caught someone reaching over for second and third helpings with his fork.

I, Phil, ordered a corn huarache meal not really knowing what in the world I was in for. It turned out to be a thick corn tostada piled with carne asada, lettuce, and beans. It was good, but could have used some cheese to top it off. The rice and beans were nothing to get excited about. All in all La Posada is really good at making enchiladas, but the other food we tried needed some more seasoning to them. So if you decide to check out La Posada we suggest you just order a platter of enchiladas and skip the rest of the bland stuff.

Saturday we needed a quick meal in between making our costumes for a Halloween party and leaving for the Halloween party. We have a Nu Way close to our house at Central and Woodlawn. We tend to forget about it, but decided it sounded good. Now most people who have lived in Wichita are quite familiar with “the crumbly is good” Nu Way burger. If you are unaware and only eat at McDonald’s for unbeknownst reasons, Nu Way is famous for having crumbly hamburgers. It makes for a greasy messy meal to say the least. We of course got an order of curly fries and a large root beer as well. The root beer at Nu Way is the ultimate. If you are really down and out, go get a root beer float and I promise your day will improve. We can’t say that Nu Way has the best burgers in town, but with pickles and mustard they are certainly special.

On Sunday we were able to coax our family into Cinnamon’s Deli. Our families are very supportive of our chain free eating ways, but we have some “picky” eaters in our family and we try to work with them. It may have helped that those picky people weren’t going to lunch on Sunday. Cinnamon’s is one of our favorite places for sandwiches. They have a wide variety sandwiches served on fresh, toasted, homemade bread. So take that Subway! Fair warning, unless you are in training for cage fighting or an eating contest, the half sandwich will be more than enough. I ordered the Turkey-Avocado-Cream Cheese-minus the avocado. Why people eat raw avocados I don’t know. I also got a bread bowl of tomato bisque. The food was good, but I was only able to eat half of my half sandwich. I suggest getting the soup in a bowl though, for the mere fact that I don’t like the bread bowl soaking up my soup and getting soggy. However, the rest of my family loves the bread bowl. I am one picky pain in the butt. Most of the time when we have come to Cinnamon’s everything was great. Unfortunately we can’t say 100% because there have been times we have been served cold soup or the service was less than friendly. But whenever we go on Sunday afternoons, we never have a problem.

I, Phil, had a Reuben sandwich on this occasion. You could tell that all the ingredients were fresh and homemade, although the corned beef was a bit on the fatty side though. It was still a very good sandwich and went well with the delicious tomato bisque .

So that wraps up our weekend dining extravaganza. We found a great place for enchiladas, reacquainted ourselves with an old favorite, and experienced what is in our opinion one of the top sandwich places in town. That should keep you entertained until the next time.

Upcoming Teaser: I am taking a good friend of mine out on a Chainfree mission this week. Stay tuned to see which crazy place I decide to take my less than adventurous friend.


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