Bella Luna – Wichita KS

Another week and another restaurant. After last week’s adventure I feel rather embarrassed and dirty to be writing about Bella Luna. It seems too mainstream and clean for me to really get revved up about. I even went to the Bradley Fair location to make matters worse. But a chain free restaurant it is, so I don’t want to hear about it. At lunch time Bella Luna was pretty busy, but we were seated rather quickly. The decor inside the Bradley Fair location is sleek and trendy except for one glaring problem, a flat screen TV by the bar. What is the deal with TV’s at every restaurant you go to these days? It seems that when these sexy-wall mounted flat screens came out every restaurant in the country went out and bought several to entertain guests. Now TV’s do have their places in dining establishments, but I don’t think Bella Luna is one of them. I can’t really complain too much, during lunch I was able to catch Blake Griffin highlights on SportsCenter. On a completely different topic Bella Luna often offers live music on Friday and Saturday nights. So if you like Jazz check it out and impress the musicians by asking them to play some Wes Montgomery

As for the food I typically get the chicken shawarma, but today I went crazy and ordered the Gyro. It was rather tasty, with good lean lamb and beef and a tangy taziki sauce all wrapped in one of Bella’s delicious pitas. I of course ordered a side of fries because they are some of the best in town I believe. It only makes sense that a Lebanese type place would serve great fries. We also enjoyed an order of hummus, which is pretty good served with their fresh pitas. Bella Luna actually has an entire building located at Woodllawn and Central devoted to pita making. I have often fantasized about what happens inside that building. Do they have elves baking pita chips around the clock? Are they in need of a quality control pita person? Are they actually baking pitas in there or is it all a front for an urban meth kitchen? These questions will probably never be answered in my lifetime.

I know this post has probably not revealed anything too terribly profound to most of our astute readers, but perhaps it may serve as a reminder that even in the midst of the decadence and depravity that is Bradley Fair one can still enjoy some chainfree eating.

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2 thoughts on “Bella Luna – Wichita KS

  1. They sold the pita bread bakery. They now buy their pita from another group operating out of the same bakery, which breaks down all the time and produces sub-par bread. It’s the same faulty equipment that was in the old bakery that was sold to the new owners free of charge. Most of the pita at BL served to you via sandwich or hummus has been prior frozen and defrosted. The french fries are a frozen variety from a bag sold by a large food supplier. Nothing about this place is fresh or even remotely healthy.

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