Pacific Coast Pizza – Wichita KS

Well it has been several days since we updated this blog. I apologize to all those who have been waking up every morning in anticipation of another masterpiece of blogging literature. Anyway on with the show.

After much family deliberation on Sunday it was decided we would subject everyone to the terrors of a new place. Steph and I have been to Pacific Coast Pizza once before, but were happy to be going again. PCP is located at 37th and Rock on the northwest side of the street. The interior is nice and open with an obscene amount of TVs tucked into every corner. There is also a full bar with seating. If you are looking for a laid back place to watch NFL football with the family this is the place to go. They have NFL Sunday ticket, so chances are your game will be on TV if you really need to watch Buffalo play Cleveland.

This time around I tried the Mojave pizza, which is a BBQ chicken type pizza. It was good, but not great. There was just something missing between the bbq sauce, cheese, and chicken. Steph was feeling adventurous and went with the simple pepperoni pizza. It was also good, but we were not blown away with it. The nice thing about PCP is that they have a nice selection of specialty pizzas to choose from. Although they are hit and miss, there are several that are really good. The mexican themed pizza is one of my favorites.  They also offer a s’mores desert pizza that looks really good.

While PCP probably does not have the best pizza in Wichita, they have an extensive menu of specialty pizzas that are a nice change from your ordinary pepperoni.

Pacific Coast Pizza on Urbanspoon


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