The Hereford House – Andover KS

For my birthday I decided the family would eat high on the hog or in the case of the Hereford House it would be upper-middle of the cow. I talk of that magical area on the cow where the succulent ribeye cut comes from. The Hereford House has long been a KC mainstay with several locations in the metro area, although the original downtown location mysteriously burned to the ground a few years ago. The owners recently allowed a third-party to buy the name and open a location in of all places Andover. It is located in the opulent and sizable Terradyne Country Clubhouse. Due to the layout of the clubhouse there is a decent walk between the parking lot and the entrance. If you are lucky you can get a ride in the golf cart shuttle. Just make sure you keep your hands and feet inside the cart at all times. The decor of the restaurant has a western theme to it, yet still remains upscale. Large windows make up the north side of the dining area allowing you a glimpse of the golf course. While you enjoy a nice medium rare filet, you can watch the poor guy who has just lost his 20th ball due to the unforgiving links style nonsense of the golf course.

Alright, so if you go to the Hereford House you should probably order a steak, because that is what they are known for. As a recovering Filet Mignon addict I decided not to tempt fate and went with the ribeye (medium rare of course).  It had a great flavor and was cooked to perfection. My only gripes about the restaurant are the fact that their side dishes are rather underwhelming and their steak is about $5-10 more than it should be. My mashed potatoes were rather lacking, they came with no gravy and were devoid of any seasoning. Steph was also upset that they were no longer offering what was probably their best side dish, mashed sweet potatoes. I won’t dwell on their deliciousness since they can no longer be enjoyed here.

So the HH serves a good steak, but I would not say it is a life changing experience like some steaks can be. The high price makes it a tough place to visit often, but if you were ever in need of a date night location, the HH would be sure to impress. To put the HH in perspective I would rank it maybe a touch above the Scotch and Chesters, but they are all very close. Remember, if anyone should ask you where they can find the best steak around here,  tell them to drive to OKC or Omaha. It’s worth the extra driving time.

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