Scotch and Sirloin – Wichita, KS (They serve a medium burger here!)

Last week we went with some extended family to the granddaddy of the Wichita Restaurant scene, The Scotch and Sirloin. The Scotch has been open in Wichita since 1969 and has long been one of the better places to get steaks, fried catfish, frog legs, and Oysters Rockefeller. I have frequented the Scotch many times, but never for lunch until last week. I think I will be going back though after our experience.

Many people are of the impression that the Scotch is a real fancy place with pricey meals. Now it’s no Applebees, (thank God) but it really isn’t that fancy and you can get a good meal for $15-20 a person. If you have read the Hereford House review you know how I feel about the Scotch’s steak so I will remain focused on our lunch experience.

The Scotch has a small lunch menu that consists of salads, sandwiches, burgers, and several other lunchtime standards. There are no real exciting menu offerings, just ample portions of classic American lunch fare. I opted for the cheese burger since it was the day before Thanksgiving and I needed to get my beef fix since I knew I would be eating turkey for the next week. I asked for the burger to be cooked to medium, fully expecting it to come out burned to a crisp. I was shocked when I bit into the juicy goodness to see an ample amount of pinkness in the disc of beef. It had been a long time since I had seen a burger come out medium. In this day and age of mad cow,salmonella, and H1N1 paranoia most burgers are cooked beyond well done and into the realm of crispy meat product. Now obviously some of these burgers are still really good, but they would be so much better if they would just calm down and serve a bit below medium well. I always get a kick out of places like Red Robin who ask you if you would like “some pink or no pink” as if it were a color chart. If you don’t understand the concept of rare, medium, and well then perhaps you should stick with the chicken fingers. Anyway I just had to get that off my chest and now back to the lunch review: My burger was very good, although it could have used a bit more seasoning. It was a good sized burger and ample amount of fries for the price of $7.50. Beat that Smushburger.

Steph ordered a chicken wrap that came out the size of a Chipotle burrito. She was not terribly satisfied with the wrap though. The wrap contained cheese, mayo, cheese, a couple bites of chicken, cheese, and you guessed it cheese. Thankfully my cousin helped Steph finish it off. Steph also ordered a side of cottage fries. This is one of her favorite ways to eat a potato and the Scotch does a nice job. They have great seasoning and are good size. The only complaint is that she prefers them a bit thinner than the Scotch slices them.

So, if you are looking for a nice, well cooked hamburger for lunch you should give the Scotch a try before you head over to 5 Guys.

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