The Anchor Pt. II- Wichita KS (Brunchtastic)

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of checking out The Anchor’s infamous brunch. There is only one word to describe this wonderful occasion: Brunchtastic. My spell checker believes this is not a word, but I assure you if we all start to use the word it will soon become part of the King’s English. The Anchor offers a brunch menu till noon on the weekends and perhaps even during the week. But who has brunch during the week? Maybe weird people who work at 4pm in the afternoon and can enjoy a nice brunch at 11am on a Tuesday.

Once I gazed at the menu I knew they weren’t messing around. This was one hardcore brunch. I was torn between several choices, but ultimately at my friend’s urging I went with the Eggs Bennie (or Eggs Benedict for those of you who aren’t real close to our boy Benedict). The Anchor’s twist on this dish was switching out a nice slice of pork loin for the typical ham. I’m going to allow this because they are switching out one pork product for another. Had they switched the ham with chicken there would have been one disgruntled patron on that morning.  Being an individual with a severe pancake dependency I also ordered one of those bad boys on the side. Surprise, surprise I was not disappointed with my order. The Eggs Bennie was damn good. The biscuits were fresh, the egg runny, and the pork, while a touch overdone was still moist. The pancake was exceptional as well. Almost as good as IHOP! Actually I would say that The Anchor and The Beacon have the best pancakes in the city. The pancake came with a delicious berry butter as well.

My better half and her ravenous sweet tooth went with some cream filled grilled toast thing. I can’t recall the name, but it had something to do with a Nun. Good Lord it was delicious, but only in small quantities. It packed a sweet punch like none other. And just in case you needed to finish off your arteries it came with a side of butter. We decided that perhaps it needed an egg or some fruit to augment the sweetness.

If you have not been to The Anchor for brunch you really need to go. Their menu is impressive and full of unique dishes to try. Now if you can’t handle The Anchor experience by all means go to Jimmy’s Egg, but remember you will have to live with that for the rest of your un-brunchtastic life.


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