Siam Cuisine- Wichita KS (CLOSED)

In preparation for Steph and I’s onslaught of 24 hours of family Christmas fun, we escaped by ourselves on the eve of Christmas Eve to try out a Thai place. Siam Cuisine is located at 21st and Woodlawn in the strip mall on the southwest corner. This little gem was completely empty when we went in at 8:15 pm. Steph didn’t believe me when I informed her that I had called ahead to clear the place out. She was also slightly creeped out by the massage parlor next door that is open until 10:00 pm, which is an hour later than Siam. The inside of the restaurant isn’t much to talk about,  the usual standard tables, posters of Thailand, and a large fish tank. However, they did have a nice Christmas tree and some holiday music playing.

We started out with an order of chicken satay with peanut dipping sauce. The chicken was tasty, although I don’t think the peanut sauce was as good as Thai House on West St. Steph being her adventurous self tried the pad thai, which is what she always orders at Thai places. It came with large pieces of both shrimp and chicken and was quite good. The only problem was that the noodles were too sticky and clumped up. I ordered the beef coconut red curry, which is what I usually get at Thai places. It was the perfect dish for a cold night, the heat of the curry was just right. Our portion sizes were both rather generous and everything was nice and fresh. The only thing that detracted from the meal was the fact that our window table allowed me a full view of the KFC next door advertising chicken gizzards for $2.99. Yum.

Siam is a solid Thai food place that offers a wide variety of tasty Thai dishes sure to please everyone. If you are hesitant to try Thai, just go with the Pad Thai. It is very similar to Chinese dishes that you have probably had and is a good way to test the Thai waters. One additional note: If you notice the cashier talking under her breath while taking your payment do not  be alarmed or insulted she may just be talking on her Blue Tooth.

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