Old Mill Tasty Shop- Wichita KS

There are perks to being a teacher and two of them are winter break and summer break. I enjoy taking advantage of these breaks by going out to lunch with friends. It is nice to have more than 40 minutes for lunch. So I of course went to lunch with an old friend who also happens to be a teacher. My friend has a fondness for restaurants off the beaten path like Phil and I so I suggested the Old Mill Tasty Shop. Now I realize the Old Mill Tasty Shop isn’t the most adventurous establishment but it was only my second time to go there and the exterior fascinates me. If you haven’t been there before I promise you have driven by it as long as you have driven west on Douglas past Oldtown. The outside of the restaurant looks just like a picturesque soda fountain joint with its bright red sign. The interior includes a large lunch counter and plenty of small tables that are covered with black and white images. I don’t believe they have done much to the place since it opened in the 50’s which would explain why it looks so authentic. The waitress was also pretty fun, trying to get us to order desserts so she “could fatten us up.” (Note: we sure did leave a larger tip for this sweet compliment!)

My friend and I did have to wait a few minutes for a table to open up. We went at noon on a weekday and this is a popular spot to stop for the downtown work crew.  They have a blue plate special everyday and today’s happened to be the Monterrey. After my friend explained to me what a Monterrey is, we both decided it sounded good enough to order. I also got a cherry coke which was fantastic because they mix their sodas the old fashioned way. Then we got our food. My friend described the Monterrey as a taco salad but with chili instead of meat. That is a great way to put it. The chili has pork in it and the entire thing was on a crispy flour taco shell. It was awesome. Both of us ate our entire dish-plate and all.

The Old Mill is also famous for its desserts but we were full and decided not to get any. I would love to go back and get something with ice cream. So if you have been somewhat hesitant to try something on our blog I encourage you to try the Old Mill Tasty Shop. I promise it isn’t scary.

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