Adrians- Wichita KS (And a brief recap of where we stand in this brave new year)

After a brief break to gather our senses we are off and running in the new year. According to WordPress we had 1600 hits in 2010 giving our blog a “good health” status. We are very pleased with these developments. Since July we have reviewed over 45 restaurants and hopefully changed the lives of many of our readers. On another good note, amazingly enough we have not been hit with any libel lawsuits yet. As far as 2011 goes we are looking forward to pushing on with our chainfree crusade. If someone would leak this site to Denise Neil we might even become local celebrities. Coming in just a few short months the Eagle will start its Reader’s Choice voting nonsense and we are planning to go Tea Party on its ass. Hell hath no fury like that of an angry foodie. I apologize if my writing over the next several blogs seems random and extra crazy, but I have just finished Keith Richards’ drug riddled autobiography and am plunging into the depths of a Hunter S Thompson book as we speak.

Now on to the Adrian’s blog. My friend and I met at another of the many Mediterranean restaurants in Wichita the other day.  This time it was Adrian’s located next to Best Buy at 21st and Rock. Just from gazing at the outside of this establishment it is clear the owners have gone out of their way to transform the bland exterior into a cozy bistro with the addition of decorative covered entrance.  As I walked in I was immediately drawn to the bongos like a monkey is drawn to a banana. They were proudly displayed in the makeshift music corner that occupies the front of the restaurant. My sources tell me that the owner is the bongo master and will occasionally jam out on the weekends. They also had a sign advertising a 70s rock duo that performs regularly at the venue. Nothing like hummus and some acoustic Free Bird. Yum.

So of course we started out with the house hummus since we are both aficionados. I would have to say that it was very good, although I  have yet to find any hummus in Wichita that is terrible.  Just different types of good.  I decided to try out their Fattoush salad  with grilled chicken, while my friend ordered a classic Lebanese dish, the chipotle chicken wrap. My salad was decent although it seemed as if there was a bit too much dressing. The grilled chicken was slightly overcooked and a bit salty. It was certainly not the best Fattoush I have had, but it could have been worse. On a positive note my friend really enjoyed his spicy chicken wrap.

Adrian’s has a very similar concept as Bella Luna. Both specialize in Mediterranean and Lebanese dishes while offering a variety of other options. I would give a slight edge to Bella Luna, but there were some intriguing dinner entrees at Adrian that I would like to go back and sample.

Adrians Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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