TJ’s Burger House- Wichita KS

After a rough two snow days in a row, on Friday I had meetings all day and was able to go to lunch with some co-workers. We decided on TJ’s Burger House. TJ’s has two locations in Wichita now. The original is located on Douglas in the Delano District and the newly opened second location is at Harry and Webb. Today we went to the new one since it is much closer to school. The inside of the restaurant is decorated similar to a diner with large booths and fun 50’s paraphernalia on the walls. It was absolutely freezing inside so make sure to bundle up. I went with a cheeseburger because the name of the place is TJ’s BURGER House and apparently they serve burgers. There are seven different burgers on the menu so you can be a bit more adventurous if you want. The burgers are huge, so only order a double if you are going to be an offensive lineman in tomorrow’s game. The burger was fine, nothing spectacular or fancy but you could also tell that it was hand pattied and freshly made. I enjoyed the burger and would order it again. I also split a half order of fries with a co-worker.  Notice we split a half order of fries. The fries seemed like they are fried in the same batter as onion rings. They were tasty. My co-worker also asked for their homemade spicy mustard for her fries. She let me try some and it was awesome. So I would encourage ordering some of their spicy mustard. I also ordered a butterscotch milkshake. It was great. They brought it out in the old-fashioned sundae glass with a huge amount of whipped cream and a cherry on top. The shake was a great blend of ice cream and just the right amount of butterscotch.

Now I have to say that unfortunately for some of my co-workers they are trying to watch their weight and we of course chose a very healthy eating establishment. Most of them ordered salads. We found out that TJ’s makes all of their own dressings and the salads were absolutely huge as well. However, I heard several “oh my goodness” and “this is wonderful” so I would assume that they enjoyed them. So try out TJ’s Burger House for some traditional American fare and make sure to enjoy a milkshake in the absolutely freezing restaurant with snow outside.

T J's Burger House East on Urbanspoon


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