College Hill Deli and Catering- Wichita KS (Home of the Super Waitress)

Since Steph had yet another day off from work, we decided to try out College Hill Deli and Catering on MLK day. This establishment is located on east Douglas about 150 feet from Dolci and Joe’s Restaurant. It feels very strange for these two somewhat similar restaurants to be located so close to each other. As you step out of your car it’s as if there is a battle being waged for your patronage. I’m not certain, but I suspect that after hours there is a violent turf war that breaks out between the rival eateries. There is a tension in the air that one can sense just driving down the street.

Anyway who cares about my strange delusions when there is food to be blogged about. The inside of College Hill Deli is small and warm. We were initially seated at the largest table in the place since all the other tables were occupied. The large table happens to be located under the main heat vent for the dining area and was it ever roasty toasty. It made made my grandparents house feel like Siberia on a cold day. Luckily we were able to move to a smaller table within a few minutes. After perusing the menu I felt like I had been to this place before. The menu was full of Lebanese/Mediterranean inspired dishes and could have probably passed for Bella Luna’s menu. Not to say that is a bad thing, but really how many places in Wichita need to serve hummus? Are garbanzo beans really cheap around here or something? Needless to say, being the Hummus addicts we are a plate was quickly ordered. It was fine hummus served with some nice soft pita and diced tomatoes. The tomatoes were an addition that I had not encountered with hummus before, but they seemed to work out just fine. It was about this time we realized that that waitress was handling every table in the place. Considering there were about 8 tables we were rather impressed.  More on this later. I decided to take the plunge and order the hamburger with fries because that is how I roll. Upon laying eyes on my burger I was rather impressed. It had the appearance of an actual burger( You know one of those things where there is a nice half inch to inch thick slab of meat wedged between two bread buns). It is something that some of these local chains don’t quite seem to understand. Yes I’m calling you out Five Guys and your stupid thin patties! So the burger was solid and actually had a bit of pink in the middle of it. All for around $7. Amazing. The fries were fine, nothing to write home about though.  Steph ordered the quiche with a fattoush salad. Today’s quiche was broccoli and cheese. It was tasty and nice and warm. La Galette’s is slightly better, but we can’t always make it downtown. The salad was fine and had the strong dressing but it wasn’t anything different form what we have had before. At one point while eating I looked up and noticed our waitress walking down the sidewalk. I quickly wondered  if she knew something we did not but as it turned out she was taking care of a delivery order down the block. She did this all while still waiting on all the tables. I’m not sure who the waitress was, but she deserves a medal for that performance.

College Hill Deli may not have the most interesting menu, but it appears they at least make good food. So that should count for something. I do hope that they get that poor waitress some help because even a Super Waitress needs some R and R.

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One thought on “College Hill Deli and Catering- Wichita KS (Home of the Super Waitress)

  1. Fizz Bottles & burgers at 37th & Rock serves homemade style burgers and thick hand cut white and sweet potato fries with dipping sauces. We ate there tonight and really enjoyed the food. Service started out confused but the owner stepped in and took our order. Something new to try!

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