Fizz Burgers and Bottles – Wichita, KS

On Saturday night, we were able to drag Phil’s parents away from their new puppy for a few hours. We decided to go to Fizz Burgers and Bottles based on a recommendation from a co-worker of mine. Fizz is located at 37th and Rock Road in Siena Plaza. If you know where Orange Leaf is, it is just on the opposite end of the plaza. When you walk in you see the cozy seating area, a bar, and plenty of bright colors. We were told they were having table service that night, but they are set up to take orders at the counter so it may just depend on how busy they are. Our waitress let us know that besides burgers, they are known  for the number of drinks they serve in bottles. We were expecting to see an overwhelming 12 page beer list, but were instead met with list of 15 or so. They have the usual domestics, some Boulevard and other micro brew offerings, and several import bottles. Although the selection wasn’t quite as unique as I was hoping for, it was decent for a small restaurant.   They also have several types of wines to order (most are bottle only) and some specialty bottled sodas. One thing I had never seen before at a burger place was the $100 bottle of wine that they were offering on the menu. I hope they didn’t buy a case of that wine, because its probably not going to be a big seller.

Since the rest of their name includes the word burger all four of us decided to order one. They have 5 burgers on their menu and the option to build your own as well. You also have the choice of ordering a quarter pound or half pound burger. I decided to go with a quarter pound House Burger. The burger is made with Roasted Garlic Sauce, Garlic Dill Pickles, lettuce, and tomatoes if you eat those. The burger was great. Nice and juicy and a thick patty. I only wish I had ordered cheese with it. A piece of provolone would have made it fantastic. I also went with an order of the sweet potato fries. The waitress suggested their pecan dip. I wasn’t too sure about this combination. We found out that the dip was originally meant as a salad dressing and I tend to think they should continue to use it that way. It had an interesting taste and we found out there was buttermilk which would explain the odd taste. Needless to say, I stole quite a few of Phil’s regular fries.

Phil went with the 1/4 lb bacon cheeseburger with spicy mustard. When ordering this burger make sure that you ask for whatever garnishes you want because it is served with no veggies. The burger was juicy and I actually spotted some pink in the middle! Hooray, another place that knows how to make a burger better than 5 Guys.  The cheese and bacon were icing on the cake of this delicious beefy patty.  I went with the regular fries, which were nice and thick.It would have been better had they added some more seasoning to the fries, but ketchup made up for that. The only other issue I had was the fact that the burgers do not come with fries, you must order them separately. Phil’s parents ordered the Spicy and the Swiss Mushroom. Both thoroughly enjoyed their burgers as well.

We both really enjoyed Fizz and would add it to the list of places to get a good burger in town. You cannot go wrong with a place that serves good beer and good burgers, so go and check it out.

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2 thoughts on “Fizz Burgers and Bottles – Wichita, KS

  1. Yeah! Glad you had an enjoyable experience. I love sweet potato fries. They gave us sides of a garlic buttery sauce that I didn’t much care for and a ranch which I liked. I also stole some of my sons regular fries though.

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