La Galette- Wichita KS (The closest you will get to a Patisserie in Wichita)

Steph had yet another snow day this week, so we braved the elements to go to one of her favorite Wichita restaurants, La Galette. La Galette is located in the Delano part of town, which if you don’t know, is located on Douglas between Seneca and McLean. If you have never been to Delano, shame on you! It is so choc full of chainfree options that the Pizza Hut located in Delano appears as out of place as a strip club next to a church. La Galette is the peculiar marriage of a Lebanese cafe and a decadent French pastry shop. Don’t let the name fool you though, they serve no real French food besides their desserts and quiche. Although with all the French pictures on the wall they really try to trick you into believing that really is Notre Dame you are staring at.

When going to La Galette make sure you park in the rear of the establishment, because parking along Douglas is limited and treacherous. Upon entering through the back door you will find the walls brightly colored and covered with Frenchy stuff. All ordering is done at the counter and your food is brought to you. The small menu is a mix of traditional Lebanese food and some salads, soups, and sandwiches. This time around I ordered the Kibbe with hummus and a side of cream of tomato soup. Steph went with a nice spinach quiche and tomato soup. Even before we ordered our savory food Steph had made a beeline for the desert counter, oogling all their sexy confections. After much deliberation she decided we would share a half pound of hazlenut buttercream frosting wedged between two bagel-like pastry slices.

We both sat and stared at our wheel of hazelnutty goodness wondering if we would be able to control ourselves until we were finished with our main course. Luckily our food came out in a timely manner. My kibbe was very good, although for the price I thought it was a small portion. You could tell it was freshly made. The kibbe was accompanied by an ample amount of fresh pita bread and some hummus, which was fine. The cream of tomato soup tasted great on a day when temperatures struggled to get into the double digits. Another lunch dish we would recommend would be the potato pie. Steph enjoyed her homemade quiche. They make these ahead of time and throw them in the microwave to warm them up but the quiche are still quite tasty.

We both disposed of our lunches quickly so we could move onto the piece de resistance. I decided to play it cool and let Steph have the first crack just in case she slipped in a sugar coma. It was definitely rich but tasted great. Steph said that she enjoyed it but has tried several other desserts and prefers their mousse or cheesecakes.  Steph will guarantee anyone that you cannot go wrong with any of their desserts.

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