Taqueria El Paisa-Wichita KS (Home of the Two Sided Burrito)

For a nice romantic post-Valentines dinner Steph and I went to Taqueria El Paisa, a great Mexican joint located at 21st and Arkansas. For those of you who don’t know this establishment it is located in the authentic part of town. The part of town where you go to get the real stuff (Mexican food that is). On an early Thursday night there were only two other tables in the mission style building. Once you are inside El Paisa you quickly realize they do no subscribe to the minimalist approach to decorating. There is a large mural on one wall, plenty of flair affixed to the other walls, and trendy clay pots which double as light fixtures over each table.

Once we sat down, immediately three jars of salsa and a basket of chips appeared before our eyes. There was the traditional tomato based red salsa, a hot green chili salsa, and a tomatillo salsa. I have never had tomatillo salsa in Wichita before and I am not sure how many places in town serve it, but I just have to say this salsa was amazing. It had a rich creaminess and wonderful flavor. Coupled with the fresh tortilla chips we both had our fill. For dinner I decided to go with a large roasted pork burrito. This one came stuffed with beans, rice, cilantro, cheese, and onions and cubed pork. On top of the stuffed flour tube were two types of salsa with a beautiful piped ribbon of sour cream serving as a dividing line between the two. When I first tasted the pork I was surprised to find that it had a subtle sweet taste.  I had never tasted pork seasoned in this manner at a Mexican joint and it rocked my world. One last twist to this delicious burrito was the fact that one side contained rice and the other beans. Yeah, sit back and let that sink in.

Steph ordered three corn enchiladas with beans and rice. She ordered one beef, one cheese, and one chicken. The chicken and beef were shredded inside of the enchiladas, which made for a good texture when coupled with the tasty enchilada sauce.

I would highly recommend El Paisa to anyone looking to try some new Mexican flavors, whether it is the tomatillo salsa or the giant burrito that brings tears to my eyes. So get out there and check out one of the better places to get Mexican food in Wichita.

Taqueria El Paisa on Urbanspoon


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