Just Catfish-Wichita KS (Beware of the Catfish Coma) CLOSED


This being the season of Lent Steph and I headed out for a fish dinner on Friday night.  We tried out a new place with the straightforward name Just Catfish(although they do serve fried chicken as well). Just Catfish is quaintly nestled between I-235, an old sandpit pond, and a trailer park. The restaurant is decent sized for a local place with large picture windows that overlook the sand pit lake. There is also an outdoor deck with tables that would be nice when the weather is warm and the pond level is not so low. The place was busy with take out and dine in customers when we got there. While waiting for a table we took a look at the menu to decide if we should have the catfish or the catfish.

We both decided to go with the fried catfish and for sides Steph ordered fried okra and I went with hushpuppies. While waiting for our meal Steph noticed a young child who had hit the wall of fried fish consumption and had fallen into a dreaded catfish coma. The poor child was passed out on the table whilst his parents finished off their meal and attempted to keep the little guy’s head from falling off the table.  Steph and I wondered if this too would be our fate after polishing off our plates. The fish soon arrived and we quickly dug in. The cornmeal breading had  the perfect combination of spices and saltiness and was very good. The tartar sauce tasted homemade and was a good compliment to the catfish. My only complaints were the lack of lemon slices and fact that some of the edges of the fillets were too crispy for me. We both agreed that this was very good fried catfish, although I would rate it just below Scotch and Sirloin’s catfish. All the waitstaff at Just Catfish were very friendly and appreciative, so much so it was very hard to turn down the offer of a plate of homemade cobbler to go.

Just Catfish is a no frills, straight up kind of place. They are a catfish house and if you go there expecting something else you are going to be disappointed. If you go there looking for great catfish at a reasonable price you will be a happy person as you stare out into the depths of the sand pit, feeling yourself slipping into yet another self-induced catfish coma.


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