Wichita Fish Company- Wichita KS

Another Friday in Lent and another restaurant with a self-explanatory name. On Friday my mom and I checked out the Wichita Fish Company, a venerable establishment located near Douglas and Seneca. A tip for those of you who actually go and try these places we review; the parking for the Fish Co. is located across the street on the north side of Douglas. From the outside this place looks as if several random buildings were thrown together to create the sprawling, multi-awning temple of seafoodery. Inside, you are met by a friendly cashier/matre ‘d/waitress/bouncer who takes you order and rings you up. The menu here is rather expansive and to make things more confusing there are 10-15 “specials” plastered over the wall and kitchen door. If you are a fan of seafood and especially fried seafood this is your place. The mission statement of the restaurant might be, “If it comes from a body of water, we fry it.” If you are in the mood for a little surf and turf they can humor you with an offering of fried chicken. Although ordering chicken at this place would make as much sense as going to a Justin Bieber concert.

My mom and I,  for the greater good of our BMIs decided to try some grilled fish. Although when queried by the cashier I broke down and chose fries over mixed veggies, but that is just a decision I will have to live with. I went with the Chilean sea bass and my mom went with the apple wood smoked tuna(which really sounds like some crap dish that would be served at TGI McSuckys). Anyway, after ordering we wandered past freezers of delicious sea creatures for sale and into the main dining area, which was surprisingly large. After waiting for a good 30 minutes our food finally arrived. We really couldn’t complain because on the menu is does state you must allow 20 minutes for grilled fish. And on a Friday in Lent at lunch time you should probably add 10-15 minutes more onto that.

Our lunch came served in styrofoam boxes that when opened unveiled what was a rather generous and delicious meal. Along with our fish fillets there was coleslaw, hushpuppies, and fries for me and mixed veggies and rice for my mom.  There were also two cups of dipping sauce, one consisted of melted butter and the other was a honey dijon based sauce. My fish was very good, probably some of the best fish I have had in Wichita, which I know isn’t saying a whole lot. The sea bass was not overcooked and had a nice seasoning with the right amount of searing on the outside. Dipping it into the melted butter resulted it a delightful experience. The slaw and fries were nothing to get excited about, but the hushpuppies were exceptional. Unfortunately my mom’s tuna came out overcooked, but was still decent enough with the sauce.  In the Fish Co.’s defense tuna is a tough creature to prepare. Ideally you would sear it on each side leaving the middle raw, but this should only be done with top quality tuna, which for $10 is not what you are getting here. None the less my mom took it all in stride and thoroughly enjoyed her grilled veggies and rice.

If you are someone who enjoys eating seafood, but can’t dignify spending $15-20 dollars for it, the Wichita Fish Co. is your place. You can’t get better fish for the price in town, not to mention the generous amounts of sides that come with your meal. I guarantee you will leave feeling full and satisfied, you just might not want to order the tuna.


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2 thoughts on “Wichita Fish Company- Wichita KS

  1. The Cajun salmon is an outstanding option as well. I have eaten there many times and have yet to be disappointed. I have tried working my way through several different species on the menu and have enjoyed them all. Ambiance is not a strong suit, but a very reasonably priced quality meal is their trademark.

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