2011 Reader’s Choice Voting Begins! (For the Love of God Don’t Let Taco Bell Win Again)

29 Jul

Well that magical time of the year is once again upon us. Yes, it is time for the annual Wichita Eagle Reader’s Choice voting to begin. The purpose of this voting is for Wichitans to award their favorite business, museums, shops, and most importantly of all restaurants. Last year after seeing the results of the awards I wrote a now infamous retort decrying some of the egregious winners of the dining categories. When Taco Bell wins the “best taco” category you know things are bad. My hope this year is for more local places to get the love that they deserve. So now comes my plea to the readers of this blog: Support your locally owned escapes from the doldrums of chain restaurants and VOTE LOCAL!

It’s very easy to vote for your favorite places, just click on the link below, sign up and make sure you fill out at least 30 categories. Remember you can vote once a day starting today and ending on August 8th.


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One Response to “2011 Reader’s Choice Voting Begins! (For the Love of God Don’t Let Taco Bell Win Again)”

  1. Jane July 29, 2011 at 3:42 pm #

    VOTE!!! This is more crucial than the vote in D.C.!!

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