Jeanne’s Cafe-Wichita KS (Two Words: Coconut Pancakes)

In search of some late Sunday morning delight, we decided to try out a College Hill favorite, Jeanne’s Cafe. Jeanne’s is located at Douglas and Oliver just down the sidewalk from Watermark bookstore. This is a solid little neighborhood eatery that appears to have quite the regular following. Jeanne’s has your typical diner fare breakfast and lunch choices. Eggs, pancakes, french toast, burgers, sandwiches, and daily specials.

As we walked in, I noticed that Eggs Benny(Eggs Benedict) was gloriously displayed on  the chalkboard. I knew it was going to take something quite marvelous on their regular menu to sway me away from the perfect combination of eggs, muffins, ham, and hollandaise. Surprisingly enough I found some competition in the form of coconut pancakes. Typically I lean towards pure, unadulterated pancakes, but I just can’t pass up things with coconut in it. So I took the plunge and ordered up some hotcakes.  Steph opted for one of the popular favorites, French Toast.

The pancakes were good, but what really set them over the top was the shredded coconut that was grilled into the bottom of each one. It may sound like a strange combination, but it was most excellent. Steph’s thick cut French Toast was good as well.

If you are looking for a no frills cafe that offers some good home cooking Jeanne’s is your place. Who knows, you may try some of the those delightful pancakes and become a regular for life.

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3 thoughts on “Jeanne’s Cafe-Wichita KS (Two Words: Coconut Pancakes)

  1. I know this is an older post, but just a word of warning on Jeanne’s benedict-they put a cheese sauce on it instead of hollandaise. They sometimes forget to tell people about this before they order it. This is not a pleasant discovery to have when still partly asleep and expecting the lovely butter, lemony taste of hollandaise, only to get a goopy cheese sauce.

    I like a lot of things there, but I’m never going to get that again.

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