Ah So- Wichita KS

With so many Great Walls springing up every few blocks and just about every Dillons store offering a Chinese kitchen sometimes we forget about the abundance of hole-in-the-wall Chinese places around town. I recently acquainted myself with one such restaurant, Ah So. Ah So has been serving fresh, made to order Chinese food at Oliver and Lincoln for years. Although it looks like a sketchy place tucked between a laundry mat and a liquor store, I assure you there is nothing to fear. The inside is small and reminds me a lot of Mana Wok, minus all the random books and Polaroids. There are maybe 6 or 7 tables and a smiling Budda (have you ever seen a Budda thats not though?) behind the counter.

The menu has a decent selection of Chinese favorites, a couple Korean dishes, as well as “Noodle Creations”, and “Rice Creations”. On this visit I went with the almond chicken stir fry. The dish came heaped with fried rice and two mandu. Mandu are Korean dumplings, which in this case were filled with ground meat and fried. The almond chicken was very good. You could tell that it had been freshly made with vegetables and chicken that were cooked to the right doneness. The fried rice was good, certainly not overly greasy, but not quite as good as Manna Wok’s rice. There were several sauces offered on the table, so I decided to sample those as well. If you happen to have a stuffy nose I would recommend  the spicy mustard because it will clear you out in a hurry. The sweeter of the sauces went very nicely with the fried mandu.

If you are looking for good Chinese takeout, this is your place. Their cheap prices, made to order dishes, and that fact that they serve till 9 pm on most night makes this a good alternate to picking up some Lo Mein that has been sitting at Dillons for 3 hours.

Ah-So Oriental Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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