Thai Tradition- Wichita KS

For me, the tender nip of fall in the air means it’s time for soups, chili, and  delicious red curries. Unfortunately,  after a bad experience last year, I had to set an ambient air temperature threshold for my consumption of red curry. Through much scientific analysis I determined that with temperatures over 80 degrees I cannot handle red curry. Luckily this last weekend was nice and seasonal allowing Steph and I the opportunity to enjoy some Thai food at Thai Traditions. Thai Traditions is one of Wichita’s best known Thai places, tucked away in the Carriage Parkway shopping center at Central and Edgemoor. It has a good sized dining room with an interior that could be considered a bit dated, but with the dim lights you hardly notice.

In my opinion, Thai Traditions has some of the best soft spring rolls in town, so of course we got an order of those. Their soft rice wrappers are filled with seasoned ground pork, fresh basil, cilantro, lettuce, and bean sprouts. Paired with a sweet peanut sauce they are very refreshing and good way to condition your mouth for some red curry. For Steph’s entrée she went with the only thing she ever orders at Thai places, the ever popular Pad Thai. This mix of flat rice noodles, chicken, sprouts, shrimp, and green onions is covered with a sauce that usually consists of fish sauce, sugar, and tamarind paste. Needless to say it was wonderful as always. I was feeling a bit more adventurous on this visit and went with a medium hottness version of the Red Duck Curry. It came in a large bowl with pineapple chunks, bamboo pieces, and tomatoes. The skin-on duck was plentiful and tender. Served with a side of rice the Duck Curry hit the spot on a cool fall night.

Just in case you were wondering, the service at Thai Tradition was some of the best we have had in a long time. Our water was refilled almost constantly, while the server was gracious and polite. That just topped off what was an enjoyable dining experience.  If you have not tried Thai cooking before Thai Tradition is the perfect place to experience the cuisine. Their friendly staff and expansive menu will ensure an enjoyable experience.

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