Charlie’s Pizza Taco- Wichita KS

While driving around on the Westside with my brother-in-law,  he happened to overhear a radio advertisement for Charlie’s Pizza Taco and quickly decided that we needed to stop for lunch. I remembered reading about the opening of said establishment a couple of months ago and figured it was worth a try. Charlie’s Pizza Taco has been around since 1965 in Pratt, KS and in an effort to expand the pizza taco empire they decided to take on ICT. Charlie’s is located in an  ill-fated restaurant building on Tyler just south of Central and there they serve their pizza fusion cuisine.

Charlie’s is designed as a quick service eatery with a decent amount of seating in a rustic type of atmosphere ( By that I mean they may have gone a bit heavy on the weathered wood theme). The menu is simple, consisting of one page of strange sounding items such as the famous/infamous Pizza Taco, Pizza Log, Pizza Raft, Pizza Burger, and Pizza Pup. Not hungry enough and frankly rather intimidated by the Pizza Taco we ordered two Pizza Pups each. If you are thinking the above mentioned menu items might just be a bit too heavy for you, fear not a salad bar is an option instead of potato chips.

Within a few minutes our to-go order of pizza puppy goodness came out and we were on our merry way. Once in the car I flipped open my styrofoam box to reveal  large beef hotdogs that had been tenderly wrapped in slices of cheese pizza. With a nice puddle of grease pooling next to the mutant meat tube, the presentation was striking. The taste, however left something to be desired. The hot dog was good, but the pizza not so much. It just tasted like a ho-hum slice of pizza to me.

Despite my first experience with Charlie’s, I am willing to give it another chance. Perhaps the original Pizza Taco is the way to go or maybe the ham and cheese sandwich served on a pretzel bun. Ordering one of several beers on tap or bottle may be necessary as well to consume one of Charlie’s pizza creations. One thing I do know is that they should advertise on every Safe Ride vehicle out there because this stuff is the ultimate cuisine de inebriation. So the next time you are staggering through Wal-Mart trying in vain to find the pizza rolls, save yourself some trouble and go to Charlie’s.

Check out this link to their menu, your arteries will thank you later:
<a href="“>

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6 thoughts on “Charlie’s Pizza Taco- Wichita KS

  1. OK, this made me LOL! I’m still giggling over that last part. ha! I have never heard of this place, maybe b/c I rarely listen to the radio, but I don’t know if I’m brave enough. I like their creativity and I think I like the idea of all these crazy combos more than I would the eating of them. Thanks for the great review! (I couldn’t click the link but was able to copy and paste)

  2. Finally made it over to try this place out. I liked it, not my favorite place in the world, but I like that it is different and locally owned. They do have extra sauce available to take with or in squirt bottles if dining in. Mild comes on everything, Hot and Extra Hot available in said containers or on the Pizza Taco. We didn’t figure this out until my husband was done with his half, but he added some to the last bites of mine and liked it much better. I will definately go back to try one of the pretzel sandwiches and the bierocks.

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