M&M Bierocks

If you drive past the 2000 block of east Central on a regular basis you have probably noticed the large black and white sign that proudly proclaims “Bierocks”. Located next to a somewhat questionable looking building, many people probably pass by just assuming it is the remnants of what was Wichita’s booming bierock craze. Yes, before Hot Pockets were widely available in supermarkets  the noble bierock restaurant is where people went to get their meat filled pastries. But upon closer inspection you will find that M&M Bierocks is actually open for all your bierock needs.

The Old Bierocks Sign On A Rainy Day

Once you pull into the parking lot at M&M remain in your car  and head for the back of the building because this place is drive thru only(Probably because they cannot allow anyone to observe their secret bierock making process). At the drive through window there is a small menu posted that consists of bierocks, pickles, chips, and a few sides including baked beans. The bierock options include meat and cheese, meat with no cheese, and ham and cheese. Steph and I both went with the meat with cheese option. We tried to order two ice waters as well, but were told the only water offered was in bottled form. It seems somewhat strange to me when restaurants won’t give you free ice water. If it’s about the cost of the cup then why not just charge people $0.10 to cover the cost? Anyway, we just decided to upgrade to the meal which included a drink, small pickle spear, and off-brand potato chips.

So Big You Need Both Hands to Safely Consume

Our bierocks  certainly hit the spot on a cool and rainy day. They were good sized and tasted fresh. The filling of ground beef, cabbage, spices and cheese had good flavor, although I would have liked a bit more cheese in mine. Both of us thought that the meal deal wasn’t really the best way to go and next time we would  just order two bierocks instead. At around $3.50 a pop you can’t beat the value of these blue-collar pastries.

If you are in the mood for a drive thru meal and don’t want to waste 3 hours sitting in line at Chick-fil-A then head over to M&M Bierocks. Their quick and tasty bierocks are sure to satisfy.

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2 thoughts on “M&M Bierocks

  1. As I recall, I believe the reason they are a drive thru only is because the owners many years ago had a family member killed in the dining room, so they stopped walk in business. Now, that is what I’ve been told by someone who grew up in Wichita.

  2. Just had a Bierock today. Very tasty. Just wanted to say the place is still kicking!

    The drive through apparently takes Visa/Master (though I paid with cash).

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