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Pour Haus(Closed)

16 May

What better way to get ready for a Tom Petty concert than to enjoy cold brews and burgers at a local tavern? That was our thinking when we tried out the newly opened Pour Haus at Maple and Seneca. Expectations were rather high after reading about their large selection of beers on tap and a menu that featured many beer infused items. Unfortunately our experience at Pour Haus was less than desirable.

Mmmm, So Many Beer Taps

The building where Pour Haus currently resides has been several different enterprises over the years, a gentleman’s club and pizza place come to mind. I don’t think Pour Haus remodeled much of the interior judging by the holes in the ceiling where the “entertainment poles” used to be. The lack of redecorating at least makes for a good conversation piece at this upscale dive bar.

The Basic Cheeseburger with Delicious Parmesan Fries

Pour Haus does deliver as promised with their large selection of beers on tap. At the time of our visit they had a unique variety of craft beers that typically are not available at bar taps in Wichita. They also have an even larger assortment of bottled beers. If you cannot decide on a certain tap beer they offer “Beer Flights” that provide you with samples of several types.

The menu is typical for a bar and grill with burgers, sandwiches, salads, comfort foods, and a few desserts. The twist is the menu was designed on the night that beer was the secret ingredient on Iron Chef as nearly every item has some infusion of malty goodness into it.

The Hangover With Extra Crispy Fries

Everyone in our party decided that the stout infused burgers sounded too good to pass up. I went with the basic PH&T with cheddar cheese, while Steph ordered “The Hangover” which came adorned with a fried egg, cheddar cheese, and bacon. The menu explicitly states the burgers are cooked to order, so we asked for medium doneness. Like many places there are several choices of fried potato to accompany your meal, I went with the Parmesan fries, while Steph ordered sweet potato fries.  After a moderate wait time our meal was finally delivered. The burgers were presented in dramatic fashion with a steak knife driven right through the heart of these meat disks. Unfortunately upon further inspection every burger at our table was cooked beyond well done. It looked as if they had been thrown onto the grill and then forgotten about for half an hour. I did like the pretzel bun that came with the burger, but it was hard to get past the dry beef. On a positive note the Parmesan fries were very good. They were fresh, thick cut, and crispy with a dusting of cheese on top.  Steph was unimpressed with her burger as well, although if the meat had been cooked correctly it would have been good with the fried egg and bacon. The sweet potato fries were overcooked as well and heavily salted. For our trouble the manager did send out orders of scrumptious bread pudding for the entire table, although we were never given an explanation as to what happened with the burgers.

I hope that we just happened to hit Pour Haus on a night when the kitchen was a bit off, because I like the concept that they are trying to achieve. Others that I have talked to have had good experiences with their food, so I am willing to give them another chance at some point.

Pour Haus


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Newport Grill

4 May

For those that think good seafood cannot be had in Wichita, I give you Newport Grill. This high end eatery located along the serene banks of Lake Bradley Fair specializes in as fresh as you can get in Kansas seafood. As you can imagine you do pay a price for the luxury of high quality seafood, but they deliver with great dishes.

Newport’s cozy dining room was crowded on the Friday night that we visited making it rather loud inside. As soon as we were seated a team of severs descended upon us, procuring carafes of still and carbonated water for our hydration needs. The refreshingly concise menu offers a nice selection of seafood appetizers, salads, entrees, and a fresh catch section. If for some reason you are not in the mood for seafood they offer “land and air” options such as steaks, pork, and pasta.

Aye Laddie it’s the Scottish Salmon

Our group started off with appetizer orders of crab cakes and calamari. While the crab cakes weren’t impressive, the calamari, served with a tasty cajun aioli, was good. For our main course I went with the Ahi tuna and Steph ordered the Scottish salmon. Newport apparently takes pride in the location from which their fish is caught, as most menu items have a country of origin next to them. So if you have a problem supporting Scottish fishermen, then you better not order the salmon here.

The Ahi tuna came served on a bed of quinoa, cherries, and delicious

If You Love America You Have to Order This Fine Hawaiian Tuna

crispy Brussels sprouts. Yes I said delicious and Brussels sprouts in the same sentence. If I’m not mistaken I believe they were flash fried then drizzled with a tangy sauce.  The tuna was perfectly cooked and wonderfully tender. I was happy to see quinoa being served with my dish. It is a great, underused grain-like food that pairs well with seafood.  The salmon with ravioli was another enjoyable dish. While it wasn’t the best salmon we have ever had, it was certainly high quality. The homemade ricotta ravioli was very good with the salmon. A nice balsamic reduction sauce provided just the right amount of sweetness to the dish. Another person in our party tried the pork tenderloin and I was lucky enough to get a sample. I was very impressed with the preparation of the tenderloin, it was cooked to a perfect medium doneness and served with a sweet caramelized apple sauce.

For seafood in Wichita Newport Grill is definitely one of the top places in my opinion. They also win the award for “Proper Preparation and Cooking of a Pork Product”  for their wonderful pork tenderloin that I may have to order the next time I am there.  Although you do have to pay a premium for your meal, it’s fun to splurge now and again on some deserving food.



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