Cafe Maurice

In case you haven’t noticed Wichita has quite the abundance of Lebanese/Mediterranean restaurants. We might even have the most restaurants per capita in the nation if such pointless stats were compiled. There is apparently a large demand for these places among Wichitans, because rarely do they go out of business. We just can’t enough hummus, fattoush, or shawarma.

Plate of Cabbage Rolls

Located at 21st and Webb, Cafe Maurice is one of the newer additions to the Lebanese scene. Tucked away inside a strip mall it offers nice ambiance indoors as well as cozy patio seating outdoors. The menu is very similar to other Mediterranean places and includes all the favorite dishes plus a couple burgers, pasta plates, and a vegetable curry. If delicious French pastries are your thing they have a dessert counter filled with decadent delights.

We were both rather hungry when we visited Maurice on a Saturday night so we ordered an appetizer of cabbage rolls to get things going. Luckily they were delivered quickly and promptly consumed. The fresh rolls were stuffed with rice and ground meat and served with some yogurt dipping sauce. For our main courses I ordered the Mixed Grill which consisted of a chicken, steak, and kafta skewer and Steph ordered the Falafel Sandwich. I ordered hummus and the Maurice salad as sides,

The Mixed Grill Dish Left Me Wanting More of Everything

while Steph opted for the always popular fattoush salad. I was very happy with my plate of skewers. The chicken and kafta were great, but the beef was slightly overcooked and a few pieces were fatty. I was happily surprised by the Maurice house salad, the candied almonds and light house dressing left me wanting a larger bowl of it, minus the cucumbers. After tasting Maurice’s hummus I can see why it was voted by the astute Wichita Eagle reader’s as the best in Wichita.  A generous basket of pita chips sealed off a good meal. The falafel sandwich was probably the best we have sampled in Wichita. Sometimes the mashed and fried chickpeas that comprise falafel can be bland, but this particular fried delight was spot on. Maurice also gets points for not drowning the sandwich in tahini sauce. The fattoush salad was fine, but I thought the dressing could have used a bit more flavor. To top off the dinner our waitress dropped off some tiramisu unexpectedly. I’m not sure if they were just trying to get rid of it since it was closing time or they took pity on two tired looking parents and their little baby. Anyway, I will not dwell on the motives behind our free

The Falafel Sandwich

dessert.  The tiramisu was great by the way.

In a sea of tough competition Cafe Maurice stands out as one of the top Lebanese places in town. The service was very good and the owner is a friendly person who likes to mingle with the customers(and hold babies).

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4 thoughts on “Cafe Maurice

  1. We ate there for lunch a month or so ago and also received a free desert. I think that they give that to everyone.

  2. My wife and I are regulars are Cafe Maurice and they do give the complimentary dessert to everyone. If you should find yourself there again, give the vegetable curry a try. It’s wonderful and gigantic.

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