Food Truck Fever: The Flying Stove

The food truck craze has finally materialized itself in Wichita over the past several months. Although there have long been taco trucks in Wichita they rarely venture from their favored locations along Broadway. Now Wichita has three new food trucks that roam the city slinging out their mobile delights.

The Decadent Truffle Fries

The most well known and visible is The Flying Stove and after several attempts to track them down I finally had the chance to sample their food.

The menu at the Flying Stove is small and ever changing much like their location. Through Facebook, website, and Twitter they announce their location for the coming day as well as a menu that usually consists of about 5 or 6 items. Unlike most food trucks, The Flying Stove serves up gourmet street food  including the famous truffle fries, Korean Bulgogi wraps, tri-tip sandwiches, and bahn-mi sandwiches.

When I visited the truck they were serving their Riverfest menu, which was an eclectic mix of the tri-tip sandwich, LA street taco, coconut curry, panzanella salad, and truffle fries.

Porktastic Street Taco

The street taco was made with carnitas(pork) so of course I had to order one of those. The tri-tip sandwich sounded great so I went with one of those as well as an obligatory order of truffle fries to experience what everyone has been raving about. Luckily there were not many people in line ahead of me, so my order was ready within 5 minutes.

The street taco was great, the pork was nice and tender and the avocado salsa complimented it perfectly. The tri-tip sandwich was pretty amazing as well. It was piled high with tender and medium cooked tri-tip, potato cream, cheese, and watercress. The potato cream, which tasted basically like mashed potatoes, really put this sandwich over the top. From here on out I will be a strong advocate for any sandwich containing potato cream. Lastly, the truffle fries lived up to all the hype. They were wonderfully seasoned with shaved truffles, thyme, salt, and parmesan. To even think about dipping these fries in ketchup would be a mortal sin.

Steph and I both really enjoyed our food from The Flying Stove, and the fact that it all came from the back of a truck is even more impressive. One of the main complaints with The Flying Stove is the wait time. Since there are only two cooks working on orders I can see how the line can get backed up during busy lunch rushes. Rest assured that the food is worth waiting for.

One of the Best Sandwiches in Wichita


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