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Bionic Burger (Home of Six Million Dollar and Calorie Burger)

15 Nov

Bionic Burger is right up there with Nu-Way when you talk about iconic burger places in Wichita. They have been in operation for over 30 years and currently have four locations in the area. Luckily for us, the newest location on East 21st near Woodlawn is rather convenient when we are in the mood for a fast and tasty meat disk.

The menus at all four Bionic locations are essentially the same and quite expansive for “just a burger place”. They offer several different burgers, plus a who’s who of classic comfort foods including: a pork sandwich, hot dogs, chicken fingers, grilled cheese, chili, o-rings, etc. Shakes and malts are also available in case you have any room for dessert.

The Epic Burger Combo

The Six Million Calorie Double in All Its Glory

On this visit I was feeling bold and decided to go with the Six Million Dollar Burger along with some of their fresh cut fries. I was under the impression I would be getting a half pound cheese burger with some veggies, instead I unwrapped a monster. Apparently when my sister had placed the order at the drive thru, she had ordered a double, leaving me with the most intimidating 1lb burger I had ever laid eyes on.

The first order of business was to bisect this mass into edible pieces. Once that was accomplished I was able to enjoy this pretty solid burger. The patty, while a bit thin for my liking, was properly seasoned and surprisingly juicy. Plenty of gooey cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes were icing on this protein based cake. Sadly the bun was not quite up to the challenge of supporting all of this deliciousness. After a few bites, it quickly deflated and broke into pieces, no doubt the victim of too much grease and the basic principles of physics. I pride myself in being able to finish just about anything I order at a restaurant, but it was not happening on this day. I doubt whether the bionic man himself would have been able to finish off this bad boy.  Did I mention the burger came with a far too generous serving of delicious fries? These thick-cut, crispy fries were top notch.

For a quick burger you can’t go wrong with Bionic Burger. Their large portions and tasty food is tough competition for any fast food joint in town.

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Passage to India

2 Nov

Previously published in the Wichita Eagle:

For many people, Indian food gets a bad rap as a cuisine that is too spicy and intense for their liking even though they have probably never even sampled it. Fortunately, Passage to India offers a way for you to experience the variety and deliciousness of Indian food.
Tucked into a strip mall on the northwest corner of 21st and Woodlawn sits Passage to India, one of the few places in

A Sampling of the Offerings at Pasage to India

town where you can get a full immersion into the culture and food of India. While Passage to India has been in operation since 1994, they have only resided in their current location since late last year. The menu is expansive and can be somewhat overwhelming; especially for those unfamiliar with the cuisine, but the lunch time buffet is a good way to sample many different dishes in one sitting.
On our visit, the buffet was fully stocked with about 10 different dishes plus several sauces and condiments as well as the famous naan bread. Most dishes were curries or rich stews containing beef, chicken, or vegetables. There were also tandoori chicken, fried chickpea balls, and fried potatoes. The name of each dish and a brief description is posted on the buffet to assist in the selection process. Among our favorite dishes were the malai methi chicken, garam masala chicken, chickpea curry, naan bread, and potato pakora. The malai methi chicken was a mild tasting dish, but still had good flavor. Although the cubed chicken breast in the garam masala tasted a bit dry, the spicy curry sauce made up for it. The potato pakora were essentially Indian French fries that are dredged in chickpea flour before frying. The naan flatbread was the perfect way to soak any additional curry sauce left on our plates. In order to ease some the spice from the curries, I recommend the cucumber and yogurt dipping sauce that is available. Some buffets suffer from food that has been sitting out for too long, but we found that everything looked and tasted fresh upon our visit. The buffet was also vegetarian friendly, with several different dishes to choose from.

More Indian Selections

The service and atmosphere at Passage to India was very welcoming. Our server did an excellent job of keeping our water glasses full and the television, tuned to an Indian channel, provided us with modest amounts of entertainment and confusion.
The lunch buffet is offered from 11am to 2:30 pm Tuesday through Sunday, and dinner runs from 5 to 9:30.
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