Doo Dah Diner (Home of Habit Forming French Toast)

Typically diner food is something that doesn’t evoke much in the way of culinary excitement. Not to belittle these backbones of American food culture in any way, but dry meatloaf covered in ketchup just isn’t that sexy anymore. So when a new restaurant claiming to be a diner opened in town that offered such menu … More Doo Dah Diner (Home of Habit Forming French Toast)

Moe’s Sub Shop

Previously Published in the Wichita Eagle: In this day and age it is increasingly difficult to find local submarine sandwich shops amidst the established national chains. Luckily for Wichitans, Moe’s Sub Shop offers a change of pace when one is in the mood for a classic Italian sub. Located in a small strip mall on … More Moe’s Sub Shop