Kosta the Greek(CLOSED)

For those who have been waiting for an actual Greek restaurant to open here in the Air Capital, your time has come. There will be no more settling for one of the many Mediterranean places in town, somberly eating hummus and wishing all the while that you could just have a piece of Spanakopita. Kosta Kiosses and his wife are the knights in shining armor(or in this case ,Greeks with feta cheese) that have brought  their food to Wichita.

Kosta the Greek is located on south Meridian just north of Pawnee in a small, yet cozy space. They have done a nice job trying to bring in some Greek flair to the interior with pictures of what I assume is Greece, chalkboards with Greek phrases, and some nice Greek pop music playing, which apparently our son is a fan of.

The Kosta Burger: Greek Fusion at its Best
The Kosta Burger: Greek Fusion at its Best

The menu centers around the traditional meats of gyro and souvlaki, but also features some more familiar American fare. Gyro is a mix of ground beef and lamb that is formed together and thinly sliced, while souvlaki is marinated chunks of pork. The meat is available on pita sandwiches, in sampler platters that include sides and salad, and nestled on top of hamburgers. I was intrigued with Greek/American fusion action that Kosta has going on by offering a burger with gyro meat and “Greek fries” that features feta and lemon dressing. Tzatziki, a tangy yogurt based sauce, is featured on just about every dish. Off the menu specials are offered several times a week as well.

It was a tough call between the Souvlaki and the Kosta burger, but the cashier talked me into the meat disk. It wasn’t a hard sell because it sounded delicious. They start with a hamburger patty and then pile some gyro meat on, add tomatoes, onion, and tzatiki then top it off with the super trendy pretzel bun.  Steph went with the special, Spanakopita, which also happens to be on the regular menu. Spanakopita is a spinach and feta mixture that is wrapped in fillo dough.

My burger lived up to its lofty expectations despite the fact that the burger patty was a bit overcooked. The large amount of gyro meat and tangy tzatiki sauce made up for that issue. Unfortunately the pretzel bun could not stand up to such

Who Needs Quiche When You Have Spanokopita?
Who Needs Quiche When You Have Spanakopita?

mass and it suffered CBF(Catastrophic Bun Failure). I got some basic fries with my meal, which were fine, but for an extra $1 I should have upgraded to the Greek fries. Steph’s plate contained ample amounts of Greek goodness including a salad, roasted red potatoes, and two pieces of Spanakopita. The Spanakopita was a similar to a spinach quiche, but much more creamy and flaky. It is definitely worth a trip down south for. The salad was accompanied by a homemade Greek dressing with plenty of oregano and tomatoes. The roasted potatoes rounded out a satisfying lunch.

The cashier and Kosta himself were friendly and appreciative of our business. They even brought us out a free juice box for our son. If you are looking for a new cuisine to try in Wichita, Kosta is a good bet for a quick  lunch or dinner. Check out their Facebook page for daily specials.

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