Doo Dah Diner (Home of Habit Forming French Toast)

Typically diner food is something that doesn’t evoke much in the way of culinary excitement. Not to belittle these backbones of American food culture in any way, but dry meatloaf covered in ketchup just isn’t that sexy anymore. So when a new restaurant claiming to be a diner opened in town that offered such menu items as banana bread french toast, homemade eggs Benedict, and a focaccia sandwich I wondered what was going on.

Homemade Eggs Benny: A Rarity These Days
Homemade Eggs Benny: A Rarity These Days

To kick off Wichita Restaurant Week we finally visited Doo Dah, which is awkwardly located at Kellogg and Market. But location be damned they bring in the customers. At first glance it did appear to have the ambiance of a traditional diner with friendly servers, regulars perched along the counter, and tables and chairs that had seen plenty of blue plate specials in their time.

A New Spin on Corned Beef Hash
A New Spin on Corned Beef Hash

The menu at Doo Dah covers both breakfast and lunch items with just about everything you would expect at a diner as well as some delicious surprises. The stars of the breakfast menu include the banana bread french toast, crispy corned beef hash, homemade eggs benny, and from-scratch biscuits and gravy. On the lunch menu the outside in burger, Bat Out of Hell meatloaf, and turkey focaccia looked like good choices.

On our visit we went with the Restaurant Week breakfast special, which included the Triple D and an order of B&G. The Triple D is a half order of each of the three most popular breakfast items which include the banana bread french toast, corned beef hash, and eggs benny. The french toast was everything it was billed to be and more. The bread was wonderfully moist and would have been great by itself, but it also came topped with candied apples and pecans as well

Classic B&G
Classic B&G

as apple butter and a dollop of whipped cream. Needless to say it was a bit rich, but I loved the sweet and salty flavor combination of the pecans and apple butter. Steph and I both agreed this was one of the best dessert dishes (there’s no way any sane person would classify this as a breakfast item) we have had. Timi’s Benny was another impressive dish that featured bacon, avocado and homemade Hollandaise sauce on top of a poached egg. There were no corners cut when making this Benedict as the egg was still runny and the Hollandaise sauce tasted great. The avocado slice was a nice twist, and its creaminess went well with the other ingredients. The B&G were some of the best I have had in town. Although they were just your typical biscuits with white gravy, the fact that it was all homemade made the difference. The corned beef hash was another tasty and heavy dish. Large chunks of corned beef were sautéed with

A Top ICT Dish: Banana Bread French Toast
A Top ICT Dish: Banana Bread French Toast

peppers and potatoes and then smothered in cheese and two eggs. A bit of green chili sauce is placed on top for good measure. As far as hash goes, this version was tasty. The larger pieces of corned beef were a nice departure from the traditional small dice that one usually encounters with hash recipes.

Doo Dah is not just another diner. Their unique recipes and made from scratch philosophy makes them stand out among the other breakfast and lunch places in town. With just one bite of the french toast, you’ll be back for more and more.

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2 thoughts on “Doo Dah Diner (Home of Habit Forming French Toast)

  1. A friend gave me $20 in gift certs for Doo Dah Diner by email and I keep forgetting about them! She said she bought them for herself with Wichita Perks but ended up not wanting to use them b/c she didn’t like the place. She’s a vegetarian, and that might be why? Anyway, this sounds SO good and I can’t wait to use them now! so glad you did a review for them. Glad you put pics of all the food too!

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