2014 Lenten Special- Our Lady of Perpetual Help Meatless Mexican Meal

Ah Lent,  that special time of year when Catholics and some other Christian denominations must abstain from meaty goodness on Fridays. It also means that dining options can be somewhat limited if you are looking for something more than cheese pizza and salads. While many restaurants do a good job offering meatless specials during Lent, at Our Lady of Perpetual Help you can dine every Friday on a full menu of Mexican options sans meat.

Potato Tacos? Yes Please!
Who Needs Meat When You Have Potato Tacos?

This small Catholic Parish is located at 23rd and N. Market and has been serving the popular meal for years. The menu consists of cheese and onion enchiladas, potato tacos, bean tostadas, chile rellenos, and the obligatory beans and rice.  On our visit we decided to sample every item to get the full experience. The chile relleno consisted of a cheese stuffed, fried green pepper. This made for a delicious combination of flavors that I really enjoyed. The chile was rather mild as well, so those with an aversion to heat need not worry. The tostada was of the typical variety and came loaded with beans, lettuce, and cheese.

100% Lent Approved Plate
100% Lent Approved Plate

The cheese and bean enchiladas were top notch and some of the best you can get in Wichita. The tortillas were dipped in just the right amount of chile sauce to make the tortilla pliable and stuffed with plenty of cheese and onion.  The potato tacos were rather transcendent, think mashed potatoes in taco form, and were my favorite dish of the evening. Simple fried tacos were filled with a creamy potato mixture and then cheese and lettuce was heaped on top. Add a little of the homemade salsa and next thing you know you have polished off a half dozen of these guys.

The meal is served every Friday(except Good Friday) from 5 to 7:30 pm. It does attract a crowd, so the earlier the better. You also have the option of carry out in case the dining area is full. And of course you don’t have to be Catholic to enjoy this feast, as it’s open to everyone. All proceeds go to help send children from the parish to Catholic schools.


One thought on “2014 Lenten Special- Our Lady of Perpetual Help Meatless Mexican Meal

  1. This is a: NOT TO MISS OPPORTUNITY to enjoy tasty home made Mexican dishes during lent. MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR 2015. Fine food that HELPS KIDS!

    Kent Shawver

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