Opening a new Mediterranean/Lebanese restaurant is a brave endeavour in a town that is supersaturated with hummus and shawarma. The folks here know how they like their falafel and fattoush so you better be able to do it right and maybe offer a new twist. And that is exactly what the recently opened Meddys has done at Harry and Rock Road.

Delightful Falafel Wrap
Delightful Falafel Wrap

Meddys offers a quick service concept not seen in the local Mediterranean dining scene before. Yes, it’s the closest thing to drive thru hummus you will find and probably some of the best fast food around. The menu has been kept fairly simple to expedite the process, but all of the popular Mediterranean dishes are featured. There are shawarma, falafel, kefta, salmon, and vegetarian wraps for the main dishes. Fattoush salad, hummus, eggplant, and tomato soup are a few of the sides offered. The interior has plenty of seating and one of those fancy touch screen pop machines where you can spend 5 minutes getting your drink.

On our visit we opted to try a beef shawarma sandwich, a falafel sandwich, and a cup of tomato soup. We also ordered the grilled chicken kids meal for our son. The service was quick and after only a short wait all our food had been delivered. The beef shawarma was a flavorful offering that featured a nice combination of ingredients. Besides the tender and well seasoned beef, the wrap had marinated onions, tomatoes, and a liberal amount of tahini sauce. The falafel wrap proved to be another delightful choice. The falafel, which are fried patties of ground garbonzos, lentils. and

Beef Shawarma
Beef Shawarma

seasonings, could have easily been eaten on its own, but in wrap form it was even better. It featured pickled turnips, fresh parsley, tomatoes, and tahini sauce. Meddys offers several house made sauces next to the drink machine to utilize on your food. They include a sriracha mayo, garlic sauce, and more tahini sauce. My favorite was the sriracha mayo, but our wraps were tasty enough to not require much saucing. The tomato

Decadent Tomato Bisque
Decadent Tomato Bisque

bisque was a decadent bowl of goodness. With that much heavy cream it’s hard to go wrong. As far as kids meals go, the grilled chicken kabobs and fries were pretty good despite the chicken being dry. Our son actually ate a few pieces of the well seasoned meat.

Meddys seems to have found a good niche that was missing from the Wichita dining scene. They are able to serve up fast and flavorful ethnic meals that provide a change of pace from other restaurants.

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