Mead’s Corner

Steph and I recently started drinking coffee on a somewhat regular basis, so we figured it would be good to review a coffeehouse. There is an ever growing list of places to get a good cup of coffee in Wichita, but since we were looking for some lunch as well we went with Mead’s Corner, located at Douglas and Emporia. Mead’s is one of those places I have always driven by, yet never visited. Why I kept passing up a place that advertises gelato on their exterior is beyond me.

Ham and Cheese Panini with House Salad
Ham and Cheese Panini with House Salad

Mead’s Corner is a unique establishment because it is owned by the First United Methodist Church and their profits are given to charities. Mead’s religious affiliation is kept fairly low-key in the restaurant, so those who do not feel like being evangelized to can visit without any reservations.

Beverages, namely coffee, are the main menu attractions at Mead’s, but they also serve some pastries, paninis, salads, a hearty breakfast burrito, and gelato. The coffee is fair trade, high quality stuff that is priced very reasonably compared to other places.

On our visit I tried a cappucino and a ham and cheese panini, while Steph ordered a hazelnut latte and turkey panini. Both of our coffees were good and only cost around $3 each for 12 oz sizes.  My ham and cheese panini was basic, but tasty. There was a decent amount of ham and the bread was grilled to panini perfection. My only complaint was that the sandwich came with basic yellow mustard. I think perhaps a Dijion mustard or some whole grain variety would have added a better flavor profile. Steph’s turkey panini came with tomatoes and a balsamic dressing. Again it was nothing fancy, but made for a fine lunch. We both had house salads with our meals, which featured a spring mix, craisins, croutons, and the tasty balsamic house dressing.

Heaping Cup of Gelato
Heaping Cup of Gelato

After finishing off our lunch we surveyed the many flavors of gelato trying to decide what to order. Since we were only able to narrow it down to coconut and mocha, a split dish was ordered. The generous serving of gelato was delicious. It seems that gelato flavors are usually more intense than regular ice cream and these varieties proved that true.

Mead’s Corner has something for just about everyone, whether you need a good cup of coffee, a quick and satisfying lunch, or a gelato fix. And with profits going to charitable causes, it a good place to spend your money.



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