Chester’s Chophouse and Wine Bar

If you are looking to splurge on a special occasion dinner, it is hard to go wrong with an upscale steakhouse. For that reason we chose Chester’s Chophouse to celebrate our recent wedding anniversary. Neither of us had been to Chester’s for several years, so it felt we were going on a fancy new dining adventure.

Chester’s is located on Webb road just north of 13th and is one of Wichita’s more popular fine dining establishments. The dimly lit, dark wood interior gives off an elegant and expensive feel. The dining area is large and comfortable and is usually filled on Friday and Saturdays. The crowd was sparse on our Sunday night visit, which entitled us to a quiet and intimate dinner.

Excellent Duck Confit
Excellent Duck Confit

Despite its billing as a steak place, the menu at Chester’s is rather worldly. The hearty appetizer menu features anything from pizza to crab cakes to duck confit.  The entrée options are a bit more succinct, but you can still find pasta, chicken, and fish dishes for those who aren’t splurging on some red meat. The side options are some of the best in town namely because they include a much maligned and misunderstood vegetable, the humble brussel sprout. When done right, I will take brussel sprouts over just about anything. Several types of potatoes as well as some unique vegetable dishes ensure excellent pairings with your chosen entrée. Everything is served a la carte, so I would recommend a side dish to

Perfectly Cooked Strip Steak
Perfectly Cooked Strip Steak

accompany your meal. The side portions are large enough that they should suffice for two people though. True to its name, Chester’s also has an excellent selection wines, by the bottle or glass, that is sure to impress any oenophile.

To start off our meal assorted flat bread was brought out to the table along with some hummus. Since it’s hard for either of us to pass up duck when on the menu, we decided to share the duck confit appetizer. The bone-in duck leg and thigh was gloriously slow fried to crispy perfection. The flavor of the tender and moist duck was excellent, while a citrus vinaigrette and shredded cabbage complimented the dish nicely. For out main dishes we both could not pass up the opportunity the try their steaks so I went with a 120z KC Strip while Steph splurged on filet mignon

A Little Surf and Turf
A Little Surf and Turf

topped crab meat and a pan sauce. Chester’s uses an oak fired grill for cooking their meats and with one bite you can certainly get a taste of the mellow smokiness. The oak wood is not overdone and still allows the beef flavor to come through. My strip was perfectly cooked to a desired medium rare and had a light char on the outside. While it came with three different sauces, I found all I really needed was a sprinkle of salt to enjoy the steak and that is really the way it should be. I chuckled to myself as our server brought out a branded bottle of Chester’s steak sauce before out main course. The sight of such an object at a classy place like this struck me as being blasphemous, but at least it wasn’t A1. While my KC strip was very good, I was not blown away by the overall quality of the beef. For an extra fee you can order USDA Prime beef, but I could not bring myself to pay $50 for a steak. Steph’s decadent surf and turf was delightful. Again the filet was expertly cooked and would have been great by itself. The addition of lump crab meat, asparagus, and a lovely wine sauce left us satisfied. We shared a side of their mashed maple sweet potatoes and the sweetness of that dish complimented our steaks nicely.

For those looking for a top-notch fine dining restaurant, Chester’s is one of the better places in the city.  The combination of a luxurious ambiance, first rate waitstaff, and high-end food makes for a special dining experience.


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