Tokyo Japanese Cuisine

My wife and I were recently hit with a sushi craving and decided to take a chance on the newest Japanese restaurant in Wichita, Tokyo Japanese Cuisine.  Typically I don’t like to visit a new restaurant unless it has been open for at least a couple of months, but I threw that rule out for this review.

Tokyo is located on West Street just south of Central in what was once a somewhat dilapidated looking building . The new owners have given it a major face lift both inside and out, including some amazing sparkly floor tiles that are a great conversation piece. A spacious dining area features a sushi bar and plenty of seating for larger groups.

Sweet Potato and Cali Rolls
Sweet Potato and Cali Rolls

For some reason sushi restaurants are notorious for having overwhelming menus. It seems as if each new place that opens has to one up the others by adding another page of specialty maki rolls with increasingly catchy names. Granted many of these rolls are quite delicious, but enough is enough. When it takes you 15 minutes to read over a menu things are out of control. Having said that, Tokyo’s menu is a colossus that has just about every kind of sushi, both sashimi and maki, that you can think of, plus countless other popular Japanese appetizers, salads, and entrees. There were two columns of prices listed on the menu because during their grand opening celebration all food is discounted by up to 50%, which makes for some great deals on sushi.

On our visit we ordered a sweet potato maki, california maki, spicy scallop sashimi, salmon sashimi, and a Rock’n’Roll maki. With only one sushi chef behind the counter and a decent lunchtime crowd, the food service was running slow. We ended up waiting over 20 minutes for our food to arrive. The sweet potato roll was simple, yet tasty. The tempura fried sweet potato was well cooked and had good flavor. The California roll seemed a bit skimpy on the crab(or probably imitation crab), but the avocado was very ripe, lending a nice creaminess to the roll, which we found very pleasing. The Rock’n’Roll maki came with shrimp tempura, crab stick, avocado and mayo

Rock'n'Roll Maki and Sashimi
Rock’n’Roll Maki and Sashimi

sauce inside and a sweet eel sauce on top. While there was certainly a lot going on with this roll, we both felt it lacked a whole lot of flavor. Both pieces of sashimi that I got were good, especially the spicy scallop. The rice, which experts will tell you is the most important part of the sushi experience, was average for the Wichita scene.

Overall we had a decent meal at Tokyo, but nothing that blew us away. If you factor in the grand opening prices, it does make for an excellent sushi value. Our food total with tip was just over $20 dollars. As with any new restaurant, they have room for improvement both with their service and food.




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