Alejandro’s Mexican Food

When a late night Mexican food craving hits you in Wichita, Taco Bell should not be your first option(It should actually never be an option regardless of the time of day) because there are several local places that can satisfy you.  On the east side town, Alejandro’s Mexican Food at Rock and Harry, has you covered nearly any time of day.

Alejandro’s is a quick order restaurant that features a long list of typical Mexican offerings including burritos, tacos, combo platters, and tortas. Protein options range from steak to adobada pork to lengua to fish. There are also breakfast dishes for those really late nights that turn into early mornings. The dining room has ample seating, but for 24/7 service the drive thru must be utilized.

Large and Cheap Burrito
Large and Cheap Burrito
On our visit we went with a Colorado burrito, a Adobada burrito, and a kids cheese quesadilla with french fries(because that is what the 3 year old wanted and will eat). Utilizing the drive thru, our order was ready within a few minutes and we were on our way. Both burritos cost only $5 each and were an ample meal. The Colorado version came loaded with diced potatoes, steak, cheese, salsa, and lettuce. The combination of all those ingredients made for a pretty good fast food burrito. While the overall quality and flavor of the steak was lacking many other options in town, it served its purpose. The Adobada burrito was stuffed with reasonably tender pieces of pork, lettuce, and tomatoes. The Adobada marinade was not very flavorful, but the included tomatillo and red salsas helped make this a decent quick order burrito. Our son’s quesadilla and fries were not that great, but with as much ketchup as he uses it didn’t really matter.

If you are in need of some quick Mexican food Alejandro’s is a reasonable local option. While they are not on the same level of many of the local sit down places, they offer cheap eats at all hours of the day or night. 





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