Po Boy Pizza

The first post of 2016 features a place that I have been meaning to visit for several years. Yes, this week after my first lunch destination turned out to be closed due to plumbing issues, I found myself pulling into Po Boy Pizza and preparing for some pizza roll action.

Po Boy Pizza is a small establishment located at Edgemoor and Lincoln, right across the street from one of the more iconic restaurants in town, N&J Cafe.  It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but I am rarely deterred by aesthetics when it comes to dinning adventures. Although the sign advertises a drive thru, that appears to be defunct, so make sure you come prepared to dine in or carry out.  The inside has a few tables and booths as well as some vintage video games. Fortunately my 3 year old was not with me or I would have been hit up for some quarters(which I conveniently never seem to have on me) as he made a beeline for the games.

Behold The Real Pizza Roll
Behold The Real Pizza Roll

The menu at Po Boy is pretty straightforward. They have some simple pizza options, a couple of salads, an actual Po Boy sandwich, some pita bread(because why not when you are right across the street from N&J), but the main attraction here are the pizza rolls. I ordered one pepperoni and one supreme and sat down to await greatness.

Since it was a carry out order the rolls came wrapped in foil and I had to wait several long minutes to reach my destination before I could unwrap my presents. Upon first glance I noticed these rolls in no way resembled the frozen abominations that come to mind when one thinks of “pizza rolls”. No, these were the real deal. At nearly a foot long the supreme version consisted of a pizza crust that was stuffed with delightful melted cheese, sausage, peppers, and mushrooms and then rolled into a log.  All things considered it was pretty good. The crust was crispy on the outside with a chewy interior and while the filling ingredients were of average quality, the sheer amount of cheese helped boost the experience. A container of unique homemade marinara sauce came with each roll and certainly played an integral part in making the pizza roll concept work. Next time I will ask for extra sauce though, as I ran out before my roll was entirely consumed.

Sure there are better pizza’s in town, but the excellent marinara sauce and novelty of eating a pizza in roll form make Po Boy an acceptable option.

Po Boy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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