The Delano District continues to add a wide variety of eating and drinking options and the most recent is a dessert and coffee place called Milkfloat.  Their store is located along Douglas just east of the roundabout and contains all sorts of goodies for young and old alike.

Milkfloat has an open floor plan with plenty of tables to accommodate a lone coffee drinker and their laptop or a large group of kids preparing for a sugar rush. The kitchen sits behind large glass panes allowing you to check out their operation. Our kids were impressed with the industrial sized stand mixer in particular.

Homemade Pop Tart

Milkfloat offers a variety of cookies, pastries, pies and cakes that typically rotate each month or so. They also offer milk shakes, homemade sodas, floats, and various coffee concoctions. Whole pies and cakes are available to order as well.

Jar O Cake

For an after dinner treat we visited Milkfloat on a recent Saturday evening. Upon entering I was impressed to see employees busy preparing pour over coffee. That made one decision easy for me, I was going to have some coffee with my dessert. After much deliberation between us and our kids we decided to order a red velvet cake-in-jar, a blueberry pop tart, the aforementioned coffee, and a chocolate milkshake with Cap’n Crunch Berries(this was our 4 year olds idea just in case you were questioning our sanity).

The red velvet layer cake came served trendily in a small glass jar. The cake part was moist with a good crumb, while the frosting was a fluffy vanilla. We thought it was a good red velvet, but nothing otherworldly. The blueberry pop tart was nothing like the dense industrial-made pastries of our middle school days, whose only purpose was to provide a sugar rush to sustain us for a couple of hours. This pop tart tasted like what perhaps the inventor of said treat had envisioned. The flaky pastry was delicious and there was just the right amount of filling and frosting as to not make it an overpowering sugar bomb.


Crunch Berry Chocolate Shake

Our son seemed to enjoy his creative milkshake flavor. For my wife and I the combination of chocolate ice cream and Crunch Berries was something we could do without, although it would have been reasonable with regular Cap N Crunch or the peanut butter version.

The coffee was from TOPECA, a roaster located in Tulsa. It was a nice medium roast and earthy flavored coffee that was perfect for an evening cup.

Milkfloat is a place where the whole family can find a treat,  whether you want some strange milkshake concoction or would rather just enjoy a coffee.















One thought on “Milkfloat

  1. Stopped by after an evening show at The Children’s Theatre. Milkfloat was a perfect way to end the evening. Our group covered a wide age span from my 2 year-old grandson to my 85 year old mom and everything in between! Everyone found a favorite treat. The staff was extremely kind and accommodating. We will visit again!

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