Noble House

Noble House has come full circle. What started as a relocated food truck from Topeka several years ago, has now morphed into a full blown free-standing restaurant as well. It didn’t take long for the people of Wichita to catch onto Noble House’s unique Hawaiian cuisine that consists of a bevy of culinary influences from early Polynesian culture to Asian, European, and American. In fact, thanks to American WWII servicemen Hawaii is one of the leading consumers of the dubious canned meat product popularly known as SPAM.

Loco Moco: It works on so many levels

The new place is located in what is quickly becoming a happening restaurant hot spot, near Douglas and Clifton. Ordering is done at the counter, there is a reasonable amount of seating, and the walls are adorned with plenty of Hawaiian scenes. They are working on getting a liquor license so at some point perhaps some Kona Brewing beer will be available.  The new restaurant has allowed them to expand on the typical menu that the truck offers and includes various pork, beef, chicken, and fish dishes with a Hawaiian flair. Japanese style Katsu chicken is served with brown gravy while several of the items feature Spam. There are also several maki style hand rolls, Poke, and Poi. Their delicious sticky rice comes with just about every dish as well.

On our visit to the restaurant we ordered an old favorite, the Ahi Poke, and tried the Loco Moco as well. For our boys we ordered pork and chicken kid meals. The Loco Moco was an impressive display of blurred culinary backgrounds. It consisted of a beef patty that was smothered in a brown gravy and nestled on a bed of their signature sticky rice. A side of macaroni with a mayo based sauce rounded out the dish. Note: On the updated menu the dish now comes with fried eggs instead of macaroni.  Despite an overcooked beef patty we all liked the Loco, especially our two year old. The brown gravy worked well with the rice while the mayo macaroni was a solid addition to the party. Like every other time I have had the Ahi Poke, it made me very happy inside. This simple dish of Ahi tuna and rice is one of my top meals in Wichita. Generous chunks of raw tuna and sliced onion are marinated in an addictive mix of spices, sesame oil, ginger, and soy sauce. This is heaped onto an ample amount of the aforementioned sticky rice, which helps to soak up the sauce. It works on so many levels and everyone should experience the magicalness of Ahi Poke. The pork kids meal consisted of a smaller portion of the Kalua pig and cabbage dish, which features tasty slow cooked pork shoulder with some rice of course.

The One and Only Ahi Poke

It appears that Noble House has easily been able to take its food truck concept and make it work in a sit down restaurant. Since they are the only Hawaiian place in town I am glad they decided to expand the menu so we can be treated to additional unique Island specialties.




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