LoLo’s Crepes

On a recent Sunday morning we were on our way to the Donut Whole when much to our delight we spotted LoLo’s Crepe truck at one of our favorite coffee shops. Yes the combination of crepes and Reverie coffee were too enticing, so at my wife’s suggestion we called an audible. Since our kids had been promised donuts I ended up dropping them and my wife off at the Donut Whole and running back to get us coffee and crepes.

LoLo’s offers a selection of both savory and sweet crepes, some of which leave you wondering how in the world they could possibly fit that many ingredients into a crepe. Eggs, ham, turkey, bacon, mayo, and cheese are all options for the savory crepes. Not to be outdone the dessert crepes pack some sugary punch as well. Of course there is the classic nutella crepe that LoLo amps up with some whipped cream. You can also get a Smore’s crepe or the Sweet LoLo, which comes with ice cream, fruit, chocolate syrup, and nutella because that’s what everyone needs.

On my visit I decided to just go the with classic Nutella Lover and added a sliced banana as well. As you can see the crepe was visually stunning and looked like it could have come from some Parisian creperie. I was happy that it was served in a styrofoam container as going hand held in the car would have ended badly. The crepe tasted as delicious as it looked. It was tender with just the right amount of crispy exterior. They were quite liberal with the Nutella and whipped cream so I’m glad that my wife and I split one. My only regret was that perhaps I should have added bacon.  I have been fortunate enough to eat crepes in Paris and LoLo’s version is not that far off. 

Of course I couldn’t pass up coffee since I was at Reverie, so I ordered a cup of their house blend drip and a caramel latte for my wife. The quality of their coffee never ceases to amaze me as I described in detail in this blog about my java awakening:

For the price LoLo’s seems a bit on the high side, but with the size of their crepes two adults could easily split a savory and sweet crepe and be satisfied assuming they did not fall into a sugar induced coma.


3 thoughts on “LoLo’s Crepes

  1. I am an employee and the catering coordinator for Lolo’s Crepes and I run the FB page, ICTEats. I follow you on Facebook but didn’t know you had a blog, I love it and love the feedback/review. If we need to lighten up on the Nutella when you visit us again please let us know. As a traveling connisseur of Crepes, if you have any suggestions we’d love to hear back from you.

    1. Ok cool, I’m glad your like the blog. I follow ICTEats and appreciate when you share my posts. I don’t think there is any such thing as too much Nutella. Keep on doing your thing!

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