Wichita Wicked Brew Tour Part III: Reverie

The third stop on my beverage tour brought me to my favorite coffee house, Reverie. It was here that I had my coffee epiphany several years ago and discovered just how delicious it could be. The thing that sets Reverie apart from many of the other coffee joints around town is that they roast their own beans and they do so masterfully. Through painstaking tasting, testing, and tweaking they have developed a roasting technique that is second to none.

The Pour Over Masters in Action

I like the drink menu at Reverie because it’s not as out of control as other places. You will not find any over the top Unicorn drinks here, just traditional coffee selections with a few specialty drinks. With brew as good as theirs you don’t really need to augment the flavors of their black coffee. My go to drink is whatever bean variety they are offering on V60 Pour Over. In my opinion the Pour Over method is the best way to properly brew good coffee beans in order to release their full taste. If you enjoy a good cup of coffee you won’t find any better in town.

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