Wicked Wichita Brew Tour V: Eccelsia Coffee Shop

The next stop in our brew tour took us to a coffee shop we had never visited before. Eccelsia Coffee, located at Maple and Ridge, opened last year and has helped with the lack of local coffee shop options on the Westside. 

The inside has a nice cozy vibe with a combination of booths and couches, nice artwork and photography, and a vintage decor. 

Columbian Pour Over
The drink menu included plenty of coffee options including pour over, specialty espresso drinks, cold brew, as well as tea and smoothies.  They also have some simple breakfast pastries and lunch sandwich options. Their coffee beans come from the well known PT’s Coffee from Topeka.
Nutella Cookies

On our visit I went with a pour over of a medium roast Columbian bean, while my wife couldn’t pass up the Snickers Latte. We also ordered a baked Nutella treat because it’s Nutella. The pour over brew was very good. I’d put it right behind Reverie as my favorite in town. My wife enjoyed her caramel loaded drink, but I found it too sweet for my taste. If you are looking for a decadent coffee treat it will certainly do the trick. We both found the Nutella cookie to be very rich. It was good with my black coffee but proved to be too sweet coupled with the Snickers latte. 

Overall I enjoyed Ecclesia and will be back the next time I find myself in need of good coffee on the Westside.  


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